Charlie Sheen reported to be HIV positive

Guess who isn’t winning.

Quick who is surprised by this, anyone?

Are you sure thats the only thing he has?

are you mad that he had more orgies than you

One of my co workers guessed right, I had Duchovny.

mah tiger blood

Somebody made a good case for jim carrey. Meh, oh well.

Doesn’t matter, the guy has money. He’ll be on the same prescription as Magic Johnson is in no time.

Can’t be surprised by this news when the dude was slammin’ pornstars. RAW DOG THAT HOG

AIDS is basically solved if you’ve got money like he’s got though.
He can stay winning.

Sigh your best work was hot shots part deux…

Razor, what hast thou wrought?

Every hot young blonde in LA will be getting an HIV test in the coming weeks!

The big question is how long did he know and did he infect anyone knowingly, cause thats murder .

I thought it was him too. It also helped that one of the websites confirmed all the a-list actors that didn’t have HIV

(Charlie Sheen is A-list? Since when?)

I also can’t say I’m surprised, but then again, I doubt anyone is.

Us for caring about a person who isn’t actually important and just has wealth that we don’t? The people who slept with him after he contracted it, especially if he knew he had it and just didn’t care? HIV for now being associated with Charlie Sheen? All of the above?

this seems fake…only people reporting on it are National Enquirer and worse…

For some reason they were talking about it on news sites and apparently certain people have known for awhile and just did not announce is so it would not hurt his career, but it is perfectly okay for him to infect other people with it because money.

I just want to know what the merging of HIV and Adonis DNA has created.

can tiger’s blood be infected with HIV?

Probably not.

I can explain why if you’re interested in hearing me babble about immunoreceptors.

People magazine reporting it too. Apparently his publicity guy got contacted, and stated he stopped working with Charlie after over 30 years together, after him and Charlie had a recent disagreement. RIP Charlie :stuck_out_tongue: