Charlie combo in SFA

I still play SFA1 and i need help with a specific charlie combo

Crouching MK > sonic boom or another move

Every round is see the CPU charlie do crouching lp,lk,mk, sonic/Somersault/ etc

I can do things better of this but im confused and curious tho know how do this

PS:sorry my poor english

Been a bit since I’ve played Alpha 1.
Be Monday before I can fire it up.

But by guessing?
Hold down/back while pressing Lp, Lk, Mk.
Then you should have the charge built up for either the Sonic Boom or the Somersault Kick.

Then, I’m having to re-learn my games at the moment.
/me sighs.

Happy Gaming. Hope I’ve helped.

Thanks for try help me, but the problem on this combo for me is discover how cancel MK in other moves.
This crouching Mk look’s like a normal not cancelable, i tried for long hours in diferent frames cancel this mk on other moves :frowning:

Sounds crazy (or newbie hehe) but i know how do larger combos, kara’s throw/demon , unblockables, charge partitioning but i can’t figure how the cpu makes charlie crouching mk look like ryu crouching mk :frowning:

Charlie could only cancel it in the beta version of the game as well as many other normals. Of course the cpu still can. Though to say in the dip switch settings for the ps2 version I belive you could turn it on again.

Bump. Yeah, back when I played the PS1 release which I also recently got off PSN, it really pissed me off seeing how the cpu could cancel and c.hp. For the longest time I thought I was doing somthing wrong in spite of how simple it is to do that kind of cancel. But now I know that it’s a cpu only thing. <.< Kinda sucks because is such a good move. Standing mk is cancellable but it whiffs against crouchers. I always thought it was kind of weird how you can chain into but not cancel out of it. It really looked like it was dying to be cancellable. After playing the PS1 version again, I also noticed that his standing jab isn’t rapid fire. Aside from that, standing jab could chain into but in the PS1 release you have to link it.

In [media=youtube]Pn9iWx_XL9g[/media] combo vid at 2:02, he super cancels into a super. I’m guessing that’s a result of a dip switch change? Or is it super cancellable by default?

It’s only cancelable in 950605.