Charleston, SC: Hustle... Hustle... Hustle... Hard

The thread is named after [media=vimeo]21280525[/media]. Props to Ryan for finding the leak online!

I feel like I got hustled in the Charleston room at FR. People loose gauntlets and don’t want to pay the price. T_T


beastly activity

The new charleston anthem lol

Art is on blast until he pays his respect to the bitch made gauntlet

Bobsmack please close the other thread made by Molten Loki

First off.
I got ur money.
down for bar hopping im off today

You have to do the dance with it.

both arms up Hustle… hustle… hustle… pose hard!
one arm up hustle… hustle… hustle… pose hard!

Arthur told me on Facebook he doesn’t play online, that it’s strictly offline. This was on his own status update where he had unlocked a trophy on PSN for playing against all the characters online 2 hours ago.

MvC3, SSF4, and T6. ft5 in all 3. Yoooooo, if I 15-0 Arthur I should get to him with the 1-2 slap.

I think it’s only fair that when someone looses a gauntlet they sho- …



so bored.

thomas is gamin

You guys know I hustle waaay harder than that:rofl:

What is a “gauntlet”?

It’s the G-Mix though!!

Hey man whats good? U still in the charleston area for gaming?

So yeah, this is my first post on SRK and I’m bombarded with all these different ways to get banned, so I won’t demean a certain someone’s lack of solidarity in his own “beast city” and the fact that any challenge issued to him gets derailed completely due to his unbridled bitchassness of not wanting to pay “X” amount of dollars or change his name when he loses “X” match, or the fact he loses money to retired players in a game he’s “the best in Charleston” at. LMAO!!! Maybe one day, this x-copy of Mr. Satan will be able to realize that he walks among Saiyans of different, ascended power levels, and his foolish smoke and mirror gimmicks do nothing but annoy and waste time in our astral realm of unequivocal skill. Respect your authority figures and bow down peon, for you have been exploited, counted out, and easily forgotten. Hopefully humiliation has taken its toll and humbled this poor, delusional fool, so I’ll be nice and spare this individual my wrath and play nice, because after all, it is just games and no matter what, he’ll always have Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the Animaniacs to tell him just how “good” he is in Looney Land. :smile: WWWWHHHHHUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!! Ooooohhh mmmmyyyyyy GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

Name: Andrew Melvin
Alias(es): D. R., Devil Reborn, Andreus Chivalrous Maximus
City: North Charleston (Orlando in a few months, so get solid now people!)
SSF4AE: (Blah) Gouken, Yun, Oni
MvC3: Whoa ho ho, BANG, BANG, BANG! Gamma RAAAPE!! Awwh, I can’t control IT!!!
T6: SSJ4 Lars, “God Tier” Jin, AK, master of all I survey
BBCS: Hakumen, but no one plays :’(
[media=youtube]wJ0fFgU22ls"[/media]: Noob, any incarnation of Sub-Zero :badboy:

BTW, more people need to be playing MK9! Kimbo and I will be leagues ahead of you all if you don’t start now! Nothing too crazy is changing from the demo except damage and frame data. Fundamentals will be the same! No excuses! Pick someone and go!

I highly doubt Paul cares about fighting games as much as it’s made to sound on this forum. :rofl: Last time I spoke with him in a non gaming environment, he was more into working out and finding a job.

He sure the hell fooled everyone the last 2 weeks in charleston.


I would hope everybody has this attitude as we have talked a lot of shit to one another for a long, long time.

Doesn’t hurt to live in the moment sometimes though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Name:Arthur Zanders
Aliases:Moltenloki, Shadow,Dark Matter
City:Charleston/Goose Creek
MVC3: Magneto-a/Doctor Doom-b/Storm-a(C.Viper-y,Magneto-a,Zero-b, Akuma-b,Dormammu-b,Magneto-a)
MK9:Johnny Cage(Nightwolf, Kitana, Jade)
SSFAE: Dudley(Yang,Bison,Yun)
BBCS: Hazama(Jin,Ragna,Litchi)
T6: Feng Wei(Asuka,Julia,Law)

I’m Playing Mortal Kombat also. I know some basics with Johnny Cage He’ll be my main. When the game come out then I’m looking for my second.

Didn’t know u play BBCS

Name:Javier Granados
Aliases:ShinJuvi, Juan
City:Corpus Christi, TX (Goose Creek ATM)
MvC2: Sentinel/Cable/Cyclops (Charlie/Morrigan/Tron)
MvC3: Sentinel/Morrigan/Trish (Morrigan/Trish/Akuma)
SSF4AE: Dhalsim
FHD: Mizoguchi
BR: Sho

Good job notifying me about the thread change assholes! Oh and if anyone else besides Josiah and I play Marvel 2, hit me up on this shit. I want to NEUTRALIZE someone other than Strider LOL for a change. Not that playing Josiah ever gets old, can probably play Marvel 2 for 8 hours straight (and have on multiple occasions!)

That Asian guy that played with us like ONE time. I’m too lazy to look up his screen name right now, but he plays.