Charleston Bi-Weekly - Don't laugh we suck

And the winner is…

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (10)
1st - AJ ‘farseer01’ - Team Scrub
2nd - Cletus ‘ghost187’ - BH/Cable/Capcom, Mag/Sent/Cable Spiral/Sent/Cable, Mag/Cable/Cammy
3rd - Kenny - Hayato or Rogue/Cable/Jin, Rogue/Cable/Capcom, Rogue/Sent/Cable
4th - Josh ‘icege’- Storm/Sent/Capcom, MSP, Felicia/Storm/Cammy
5th - Joel ‘iamagoat’ - BH/Cable/Capcom, Rogue/Cable/Capcom or Psy
5th - Stevie - Team Rowtron, Mag/Cable/Doom or Psy, IM/Cable/Capcom, Servbot/Colossus/Jugg
7th - Chi ‘ilikebeingalive’- MSP, Mag/IM/Psy
7th - Kevin ‘gohan’ - Mag/Cable/Psy, MSP
9th - Mitchell - Guile/Jin/Doom or Cable
9th - Antonio - Akuma/Megaman/Capcom

Surprised Nasir didn’t come to play Marvel. Sorry you couldn’t make it, or even Joe, and his 2 brothers, we still haven’t met. (If you needed a ride, we could have had someone come and get you, and bring you to the tourney). Cletus (hope i’m spelling it right) came out for the tourney and had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. He definitely showed me a few tricks with Mag and Storm. In the winner’s finals, we had the rivals, AJ and Kenny play, once again Capcom assist is too strong. Also as anyone can see, plenty of the bottom tier characters out in full force, maybe we can have a random team tournament.

I landed the magneto infinite finally against someone in a match, that was the highlight of my day, only 2 reps, but finally, and the IM one, but that’s too damn easy. Cletus landed the triangle dashing fk, lk, lk infinite, im not sure what it was, but he got 2 or 3 reps. I got peaced out by Cletus and Josh pretty handily. Capcom assist still owns me. Once again, there is some marvel controversy, which doesn’t need to be talked about and won’t be talked about please, we’ll just make sure it doesnt happen again. Other than that definitely a good tournament, lots of good shit going on, maybe someone can de-throne the champ next time.

MvC2 Standings on the Ranking Sheet I keep track of
(1) AJ (2) Kenny (3) Josh (4) Kevin

Tekken 4 (8)
1st - Kevin ‘gohan’ - Jin, Paul
2nd - Mike - Kuma, Yoshi
3rd - Josh ‘icege’ - Marduk, Jin, Steve
4th - Kenny - Paul
5th - Steve - Bryan, Christie
5th - Dave - Kuma, Paul
7th - Antonio - Nina, Kazuya
7th - Paul - Paul, Marduk

I don’t know much about Tekken 4, but i know just got upset in the loser brackets finals and lost to Mike’s Yoshimitsu. The only other thing I know is Kevin finally proved he was good at Tekken4, by winning the tourney. Good job. Maybe Josh ‘icege’ will enlighten us more about the Tekken experience.

Tekken 4 Standing Sheet
(1) Josh (2) Kevin (3) Steve + Kenny

Super Turbo (10)
1st - Chris ‘darkcow’ - Ryu, Guile, Bison
2nd - Paul ‘the grreatest’ - O. Sagat, Ryu
3rd - Matt ‘roll attack’ - Vega, Blanka, Cammy, Honda
4th - Mitchell - Ken, Honda
5th - Stevie - Sim
5th - Thomas - Bison, DeeJay, Fei-Long, Guile, Vega
7th - Joel ‘iamagoat’ - Ken, O. Sagat
7th - Josh ‘icege’ - Cammy
9th - Chi ‘ilikebeingalive’ - Balrog, FeiLong, O. THawk
9th - AJ ‘farseer01’ - O. Sagat

Paul and Chris met in the winner’s bracket and Paul won, I believe 3-1 ‘best’-ing Chris’s Guile with his Ryu. Matt and Chris played some good games in the Loser Bracket’s Finals. Definitely good having Matt back in the mix, especially when you spot him for the tourney, and he earns you money. The finals were less than exciting, Ryu on Ryu. Chris won the first set 4-0 with Ryu, and won the second 4-2 with Ryu again, but Chris did get double perfected after winning the first round. The tourney was definitely fun because everyone was on the same leve, aka the level of not knowing all the cool links in the game. I played Paul and I beat his Ryu with my Balrog, and had to resort to Old Sagat to win, I brought back the FeiLong and lost a really close one. Definitely good games, and they picked THawk and lost to Joel. Plenty of Old Sagats being brought out, but no one can really play him well.

Guilty Gear XX (7)
1st - Kenny - Anji, Chipp
2nd - Josh ‘icege’ - Sol
3rd - Steve - Potemkin, Faust, May
4th - Dave - Faust
5th - Mitchell - Anji
5th - Kevin ‘gohan’ - Millia
7th - Joel ‘iamagoat’ - Testament

I didn’t really get to watch much of this game, even though I would have liked to. Oh yeah, and learn the game, and how it works and stuff, that would be nice. I know Josh didn’t win again, I think his Sol lost to Kenny’s Anji in the finals. Not really sure, again, maybe Josh ‘icege’ would like to enlighten us more. The only thing I know is run at them with sol and do dragon punches, heard it wins or if you’re Japanese.

Overall, a good tourney, lots of new faces and hopefully more to come, we only played each game on 1 TV and things seemed to run smoothly, so for the next bi-weekly we are up-ing the ante and running 6 games hopefully. Thanks again everyone for coming to the tourney, and helping bring tv’s, ps2’s, and dreamcasts.

For the next biweekly, May 18th, Green Dragon in the gaming room, we’re having another console tournament. The games up for the tournament: Soul Calibur 2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tekken Tag, Halo (2 Man Team Tourney) and the important one - Super Mario Kart (Battle Mode)

Rough Time
12p.m. - 2p.m. - Registration and Casual Games ($2 room fee)
2pm - The following tourneys start:
Halo Team Tourney (rules to be determined soon, suggestions welcome, $8 a team)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - $5
Soul Calibur 2 - $5
4pm - The following tourneys start:
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike $3
Tekken Tag $3
Super Mario Kart (Battle Mode + rules to be determined soon) - $2

Bring your own arcade stick, but controllers will be available. Double elimination. 2outof3, 3outof5 semis, 4outof7finals. Winner keeps same team/character.
prizes will be 1st - 60%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 15%

For the tourney, I can bring
1 27" TV, 1 Dreamcast, MvC2
Antonio said he’ll bring a game cube, controllers, and SC2
AJ said he’ll bring his TV
Joel said he’ll bring all the SuperMarioKart stuff

I think: ChrisT has a TV and SF:3s, Josh has a Ps2 and TTT,

We’re gonna need:
2 Xboxs + 4 Controllers + 2 Halo
1 Large TV (at least 19")

Thanks again to everyone who came to the tournament, tell all your friends bring more people, hopefully we have to move up from 16 person brackets and move on to 32 person brackets! We’re getting there slowly but surely. What’s everyone’s opinion on the biweekly tourney action we have going on? Any suggestions? Ways to make it better? Questions? Concerns?

One last thing, if anyone wants to play, I’d like to play this week, I’m finished the semester of college, so I’ve got an entire summer to bum around and play more. So if anyone wants to play some more, let me know, i’m always down to play.Message me on AIM - ilikebeingalive.

Keepin’ it hate-free,


If there are any typos or wrong info, I wrote this at 3:43 in the morning, so who knows.

and one last thing

posted by Icege (just moving it to this thread)

I get there and see new people. WOOT!

Anyways, brackets were drawn up to the best of my ability, and things went underway.

On the Tekken 4 side of things, I was hoping to fight David sometime in the tournament as “revenge” for Columbia. I hadn’t gotten to play much T4 during the week thanks to my new job, but I was pretty confident how I’d do. I beat Antonio my first match, Craig vs. Kazuya, then Craig vs. Nina. Antonio is one of the most solid players I’ve met in a long time. He’s only really played his older brother, and he has a LOT of potential. He’s already the God of Soul Calibur 2 in Charleston. My next match is against Steve. He switches up on me, and selects Christie instead of Bryan, and I defeat her with my Craig. Solid matches. Just the basics, with nothing fancy. My next match is the winner’s finals against Kevin, who’s high as a kite and playing Jin. I pick Steve, and Kevin picks Paul. No biggie, but it’s been months since I played Paul. I didn’t punch parry or anything with Steve, and ended up losing. So I pick Craig, peace out Kevin’s Paul and in comes Jin. I take the next match, and Kevin takes the next one. Things are hairy, and I decide to go with Jin. Kevin beats my Jin, and I go to the loser’s finals. Kevin had previously beat Kenny, and Mike, the youngest brother, beat David I think. So much for my revenge. I pick Craig, Jin, and Steve against Mike’s Kuma and Yoshimitsu. I dismantle Yoshi, but choke with Steve in the end. I stopped paying attention then. Oi. Next tourney, I’m bringing my Soulfly CD. Static-X was great for MvC2, but I needed some Max Cavalera screaming “EYE FOR AN EYE!” during T4. Congratz to Kev and Mike though. Kevin finally not only took top 3, but number one in a T4 tourney. Mike took second, his first time placing since he took 3rd at our first T4 tourney at Northwoods back in November.

I somehow get 4th in MvC2. I think Chi Game Sharked it for me in exchange for the pr0n of my wang. Good stuff. Cletus caved my skull in with Blackheart/Sent/Capcom. Made me squeal in agony. AJ cleaned it up in the end. Maybe if one person takes 1st in a tourney 3 games in a row, we switch the game out for a game of their choice? Audience?

GGXX goes down, and I beat out Steve, then go against Kenny in the winner’s finals. I can’t get any wake up Volcanic Vipers to come out, or wake up supers. I go against him in the finals again, same problem. One the drive taking Kenny to work, he told me how he’d been training for the past two weeks on how to explicitly beat Sol. He said during the matches when I was actually pulling off my wake ups and FRCs, that he didn’t know what to do. Hrm… I need to practice. Less car selling, more practicing games!

I got pwned in ST. ‘nuff said. O-Cammy and S-Sagat just couldn’t hang with Thomas’ Bison and Stevie’s Dhalsim. Owie.

Chi got two or three reps on the Magneto infinite on me. I got skerred

I can bring a TV, PS2, XBox, and surge protector to the next tourney, which is on Mother’s Day. Maybe we could get something for the people who open the store up so we can play as a thank you? SC2, 3S, MvC2, T4, GGXX, Halo, and Mario Kart should work for the games. We’ll run the tourneys on two TVs each to get things going quicker.

congrats on getting a tourny scene going down there fellas you had more people playing now then u did at the tourny i came down for maybe i can make it to one sometime. come chi what happened to that famous charleston magneto:lol: anyways good luck on the tournies