well, i have mastered the charge partitioning with remy (but just a bit:) ) and so i started to wonder… how do you make Urien hit many times with his soulder ram??? because i can’t figure it out yet…

You need charge buffering (which is easier than Charge partitioning, btw)

When you execute a charge move, the game gives you a bit of leeway between pressing towards and pressing the button…
so you can charge like that:
hold b, f, b+k. This way, you start charging for the next shoulder a bit earlier.
It’s up to you to get the feeling on how long after tapping f you can hit a kick and still get the shoulder.

Then, try this in the corner:
lowHP, MK tackle, EX tackle, HK tackle
(doesn’t work on everyone, try against a shoto)
execute this like: hold b/f+HP, tap forward when the HP animation is almost over, quickly hold back (or d/b) again and press MK, then after you recover from the shoulder quickly hit f+kk, hold back again, f+hk

this is perhaps the easiest charge buffering combo for Urien.
When you get it down, you can put an HK tackle after the low HP (I said MK before because it has easier timing)

Thanks for the explaination - I’m working on getting Urien’s Chariot combos down now. :slight_smile: