Charge moves

Ok so, i’m a fairly decent player, I main ryu and gouken. I’ve been trying to play charge characters like chun li, but I never succeeded with any of the charge moves so I gave up, thought it was the ps3 pad (haven’t got a stick yet).

Then I saw shizzo play chun and I was simply amazed. I can’t believe the guy plays with a ps3 pad.

SO my question is, how the hell can I do the charge moves properly with a ps3 pad. You’re probably thinking i’m a terribad player, but i’m really not that bad(ok im REALLY bad with charge characters).

I find it easier doing srk>fadc>ultra with ryu, than doing a single kikoken with chun, lol.

Charge characters are typically harder on the pad due to fat thumbs screwing up directional inputs. Instead of just sliding back (or downback) to forward, you usually end up sliding back to up forward, down forward, and forward all at the same time. Chun li is also not typically seen as a traditional charge character because she plays just fine without sitting on her butt the whole time. And Shizza has also graduated to a fightstick. All I can say it, pad is tough for charge due to all the input errors the comes with sliding fat thumbs on the directional pad. Just keep practicing, no real trick… but god… massing ex legs on a pad… eewwww

Try using the analogue. I used to use the analogue when I used to use pad and I had no trouble with charge characters. Using D-Pad for charge characters will only give you blisters anyway.

Sounds like you’re having trouble with execution, hit up training mode with any random charge character (Claw, Dictator, Blanka, Rog, Guile, Honda, Chun, Gen Crane Stance) and practice your timing, start with holding back for about a second on the d-pad/analog then shifting to towards P/K in one swift motion, after that do the same with down shifting to up P/K, if you get those down try to do the supers and ultras after that then it should become second nature to you…

I’m using the analogue.

Thanks for the tips krazykone

Keep in mind that the pad shizza uses/used to use is a “fighting” pad, so the spacing is a bit different. The d-Pad is larger and softer, thus allowing more control.
Stock pads tend to be horrible.
However, if you can afford it, get a stick. They have become very affordable these days. And while there is a somewhat steep learning curve, it’s worth it in the long run.
Also don’t buy a cheap stick, you’ll just end up buying a good one later. You save money by spending more right off the bet. TE or HRAP or Qanba are all good choice.

Yeah i’m gonna buy the TE soonish, I heard the first one doesn’t work with ps3 slim tho, is this true?

Also, that pad atleast LOOKS like the ps3 pad, not 100% sure [media=youtube]5FsDVrQmn-I#t=5m[/media]

I’m pretty sure he uses the MadCatz Fightpad
But I might be wrong.

Oh right, my bad.

Well for charge characters analogue is probably better and you won’t get blisters on your thumb lol

I’ve not heard about it not working with the slim, but it’s best to do some research first. You don’t wanna spend the money on a stick then realise you can’t use it lol.

I played on pad up untill around October, I highly recommend you buy a stick. You’ll probably have some trouble at first but once you get used to it, it’s so much better. It took me around a month to get as good on stick as I was on pad and I’ve been improving since then.

It looks like a Madcatz fightpad. It’s hard to tell though.

Well, it says “works with slim” on the 2nd TE stick @ mad catz site, dunno why they would point that out unless the first one didn’t.

But yeah, i’ve been trying to find someone with slim and 1st TE stick, just to be sure.

Apparently the first TE stick works with the PS3 Slim too

I think that the USB ports on the slim arn’t as powerful as the ones on the fat PS3 meaning they can’t power some devices. According to Madcatz the TE stick is fine though, but still, it’s best to make sure.

Thanks for that. TE 1 and 2 are pretty much the same right? I mean TE2 isn’t anything special, just looks different?

i can get the timing for charge Back > forward fairly well, but charge down > up’s are extremely difficult for me as you cannot input the attack late lke the back >forward motion because otherwise you’ll jump.

totally annoyed by that. If it wasn’t i might just play some Honda.

  1. There is no trick to it. It’s exactly how the command is written. Hold back, forward + punch.

Read this for execution questions:

  1. Analog thumb pads are terribad for street fighter.