CHarge Buffering

So hard!!! how the hell do you buffer like that??? massive juggles with the chariot rush…

anyway to practice this???
need tips

Honestly, the best way is to just play Urien a LOT.

The actual way of doing this is commonly known. Charge back, press the stick forward, hold back the stick again, and then press the button. There’s a “sweet spot” of time in which you still get credit for inputting the tackle command, and by abusing this you can begin charging for your next tackle before you start the present one. You also have to know exactly when your current move ends, so you can input the motion for the next one within as tiny a window possible.

Your hands should look really jerky when you do charge buffering. You’re really only flicking the stick forward for a split second, to let the game know you want a tackle to come out. Almost like you’re on a half second delay, as you’re slapping the stick forward long enough before the tackle actually pops out that people watching your hands would think their eyes are lagging or something.

Another important thing to know is exactly what is possible with what timings, and when to EX tackle. Knowledge of possible combos for your situation is extremely imperative when playing Urien. Sometimes there is literally not enough time for a normal tackle, gotta EX. Sometimes you need to supercancel and whiff a mirror, just so you have enough time to charge another RH tackle. The best info on this would prolly be found in Adverse and SlimX’s faqs on Gamefaqs. Hell, it’s where I learned to play, back in the day.

N - Phew, that saves me from one FAQ.

You Rule… :slight_smile:

Charge Buffering is beyond only fast charging,you actually have to go back,front,back again THEN punch,if you do it correctly the charge will come out as usual,then all you need to do is press front +punch for the second charge to come,(if you plan to do an EX one for a third hit,charge again back as fast as last time,then hit punch,now the second charge will come out and you will be able to do a 3rd hit with front+PP)

hope that helps too,(but yeah,wont be able to do it unless you’ve been playing with Urien for a while)

Yeah, I love doing charge back, forward, back and then PUNCH with URIEN. It’s the greatest move in the world. Screw doing doing charge back, forward, back and then KICK. Who needs that? It’s all about charge back, forward, back and PUNCH!

(For those that don’t use Urien, realize that Urien does not have a charge back, forward and punch (sonic boom) move.)

Bleh. Can people please think for a second about what they are saying? I never understood why everyone always thinks that in order to do repeated charriot tackles you need to do a repeated **, F, ** + Kick motion. There seems to always be this false assumption that you get increase charge time “magically” when doing this since you go back into charge earlier. What does that actually net you? Nothing really. The only benefit it really has is between the first and second tackle, and even then, only if done like this (Legend: B = Back, F = Forward, D = Down, [] = Charge):

**, F, ** + Kick, F + Kick, **…

Since the amount of time you have to juggle in this situation is restricted you need to do the kick input early enough for the tackle to actually land on them. If you were to do:

**, F, ** + Kick, F, ** + Kick…

You would have to execute the second F, ** earlier since you’re delaying the execution until after the Kick (if you did wait any longer the next tackle will whiff). The net charge is exactly the same as if you brute force it like this:

**, F + Kick, **, F + Kick…

In Urien’s case, you’re not helping yourself at all unless you’re main focus is to get that second tackle in which case you would do by example 1. Otherwise, you’re only making it harder for yourself off of a false belief.

**, F, ** + Action can be useful in other areas. Take ST, CVS 1, or some other instance where a flash kick type move is solid anti-air (doesn’t really have to be solid). With Guile you could do **, F, [DB] + Punch to throw your sonic boom while starting charge a little earlier for the flash kick in case the opponent reacts and jumps over it. You would then do just the U + Kick motion giving you maximum time to charge that flash kick up.

It’s not as though buffering tackles is difficult, once you’re used to it. I teach people to buffer all their charges regardless, that way they will ALWAYS have their tackles ready. Playing Urien, your bicep should hurt from leaning on the stick and charging ALL the time. You should be ready to punish everything.

Of course you don’t HAVE to, but if you can’t do it, you shouldn’t be playing Urien. When you need to do a 5 or 6-tackle combo at a moment’s notice, or improvise an mk juggle off the top of your head, the charge buffer reflex action will save your ass more often than not. Therefore: If you can buffer all your charges, do so. If not, don’t expect to be a serious Urien player.

An aside to that is the fact that it’s a learning experience for the rest of your game. If you decide to pick up Remy later, your tackle buffering knowledge will allow you to pick up LoV buffering inside of like 2 minutes. These things aren’t meant to be needlessly complicated, they’re meant to teach one a deeper understanding of game systems. I don’t like to have to spell out everything when I’m showing people how to do things. Like Phife says: “Don’t sweat what you’ve heard, but act like ya know.”


I don’t believe this to be a necessarily good idea. In general, it seems that playing a more offensively minded game is usually better in my opinion. ALWAYS having the tackle ready, means ALWAYS holding the joystick in the back position, and that usually means a more passive mode of play. I remember when I first started using Urien I did everything possible to maintain charge. I
quickly realized, though, that it was such a waste to have him just sitting there, afraid to lose his charge. Urien has a freaking awesome poking game with quick normals, crap loads of range, decent priority, and decent to really nice damage.

I’m not saying not to maintain charge whenever possible since Urien is a charge character after all. It’s just that it shouldn’t ALWAYS be this way. IMHO he really should only be maintaining charge about 60-70% of the time, where as I see lots of scrubby Urien’s maintaining charge upwards to like 90% of the time. I really feel like it’s not all that necessary.

I’m also skeptical about how beneficial it is to punish things with a charge move specifically with Urien. Outside of an EX tackle there really isn’t much else that is that great (maybe an EX headbutt if close enough, but the opponent has to be really, REALLY stupid to have left himself open for something like that) to punish with. How often are you going to have an opportunity to punish someone with that EX tackle provided you’re playing against people that actually do play the game and don’t do stupid moves? My arguement here is, I don’t think it happens enough to warrant sacrificing a more offensive mode of play. In 3S where predictability really gets you in trouble, do you think it’s more or less predictable sitting there with your precious charge waiting for something to happen?

WOW! You can do a 5 or 6-tackle combo at a moment’s notice. I think we should send you to Japan for SBO since you’re obviously better then anybody here in the USA. I’m really curious as to where all these l33t LA players were during Evo. Seeing as how non-“serious” of an Urien player I was, outside of Tokido of course, I didn’t see hardly anyone using Urien… none that was in the slightest bit impressive that is. In the downstairs arcade, I was doing stupid, tech rollable FAS setups and the only people I saw rolling out of them were the Texas people I came with. I didn’t see a reason to use anything more complicated, since quite frankly it didn’t seem like anybody there knew anything about what to expect from Urien in the first place (people even complimented me on my FAS setups, which took all my energy from keeping myself from laughing in their faces since the setups I did there were off-handed and, generally, lame).

When I play Remy I charge buffer almost all the time. Unlike Urien, I do believe it’s more in his interest to do so. Say if an opponent jumped over your LoV having that charge already ready means so much more. Your anti-air options are so much better: LoV, RRF, jump fierce, standing strong, crouching fierce, throw, parry, etc… Viewing it here it may not seem a big deal since it’s only 2 added moves, but that RRF allows for so much variance to mess up the jumper’s parry. It has good priority and good damage so it makes it a good bet. It also lets you throw out that 2nd LoV’s quicker (LoV being a projectile makes a big difference). On top of that, charge buffering makes the 1 second LoV trap much easier to set up. Urien on the other hand gets what? A slightly quicker 2nd tackle? That split second difference, to me, does not seem to be as beneficial to Urien then it does to Remy. I actually believe that in Urien’s case, it’s so unecessary that it’s just a complete waste of effort that tends to make a person want to play more defensively minded, and usually more predictably.