Characters with best wall carry ability?

I am writing up my guide on team selection and synergy and want to make sure I use the best examples for characters that possess a strong ability to carry their opponent across the screen and into the corner. This can either be due to far-hitting special moves such as Paul and Kuma, long combos with good movement, like Nina, or those with a strong pressure game that forces opponents back.

So which characters are the best for this? especially the pressuring kind or those that utilize a way I did not mention.
Anyone whose information I use will be credited.

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Raven and Julia have big juggle combos that carry opponents across the stage. Steve does the same thing, though not as well. Hwoarang also has strong pressure that can push people back a lot.

Ryu’s Joudan is very good in pushing enemies to the wall, although I think that’s already obvious. Juri’s Shikusen Third Strike is another thing.

The technique on how to successfully land them however, will depend on your guide. :slight_smile:

Poison’s Kissed by a Goddess (dp+K) knocks people far across the screen when you bring her in for a tag combo.
And, if you tag again at the right time (during the first hit of it), her partner can run all the way across the screen an keep things going.

Chuns back mk combo carries pretty well

Steve, most of his combos involve corner carrying

Law QCF+HP punts toward one side
EX-Shaolin Spinkicks
Junkyard kick -> Knuckle is decent

anything with a wallbounce > jump aerial is usually a good corner carry.

Ibuki has to be one of the best in the game at this. Any combo that ends in TC6 or TC8 x TC3 x Raida sends them about 1/3 of the screen in one direction with no meter. I’m surprised that no one mentioned her.

Akuma is one of the best, all it takes is a forward throw. Paul is also good, his Phoenix Smasher does the job.

Juri’s combos into Senpusha have a decent amount of push and her Third Strike off her dive kick punts them into the corner pretty well.
Hugo’s combos ending in Backbreaker throw a decent distance.
Sagat, Guile, Dhalsim and Akuma all have really far throws.

I think Ken is good at this. His spin kicks alone carry the opponent pretty far, and his xx EX Tatsu, LP DP, HP DP carries them from one corner all the way to a little past the halfway point, plus extra if you tag cancel the HP DP, since it allows for your partner to get a jumping attack in. I think it might be possible to carry the opponent all the way from one corner to another if you have three bars…tag cancel from your partner back to ken and finish the combo with a HK Tatsu…I think that should put the opponent into the other corner.

It would probably be a waste of three bars, but there is no denying ken’s juggle potential. I completely overlooked him, thanks for the post. Now if only Ken had a better pressure game in the corner a I would consider rocking him and Paul.
As has been said, Paul’s wall carry is beast, one of the best parts of his game. Smashers can be followed up with mountain raze for great positioning, his throws push back, and demolition man. Also, shredder juggled into ex smasher followed by and normal smasher moves them nearly 3 screens for a bar.

i am actually getting a little depressed. I thought this was Paul’s thing but in actuality a bunch of characters share his potential.

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