Characters that you love, but suck with them (so don't play them)

Just wandering, anyone have the same frustration that I have?

I love playing Gouken, I find him pretty badass and fun to play with, but I can’t do much with him in a real match. So I endup playing him only for fun with friends.

Chun-li is another case, but it’s even worse, because she’s not even close to be consider a “low-tier” character…So, again, I only play her for fun, with friends, but completely suck playing online with her.

Anyone else?


Yup. That’s my Balrog. And I main him anyway.

Seth, not that i’m bad with him, i’m good with him in long sets. But on ranked it’s very hard to adapt that quickly becuz of his low health, it’s easier to rank up with other chars.


Guy, I just act like a day one scrub for some reason when I use this dude lol, his movement feels very weird to me.

Dhalsim…love the character design.

Theres a pretty strong consensus that Chun Li is a weak character.

I have always wanted to use Dudley. I’ve never been good at Target Combos though.

Yun. When I first got my hands on AE I tried to use him and failed horribly. This is AE Yun as well so u can imagine how bad I was, his playstyle just didnt work well with me

Oh wait, I read the question wrong. I thought it said characters you suck with but you play anyway.

To answer your question,
Makoto, I avoid her but then again she has weird movement. It’s like trying to maneuver a broken lawnmower.

Most unique set of tools for movement in the game. Familiarizing yourself with her movement is the first thing I always reccomend to new Makoto players, before working on combos or setups or anything else. Once you get a handle on it she’s actually fairly mobile despite the horrendous walkspeed. Only downside is that she gets locked into moving forward for long periods of time with her forward dash and stuff like feint.

I love so much of the cast and wish I could play them well. Namely: Ibuki, Makoto, E.Ryu, Juri, Gouken, Fei Long, Seth, Adon, Guy, Dee Jay… I just love the way each character plays and wish I could be Combofiend Good at the entire cast.

or even better being as good as Kindevu, the guy’s insane playing many characters at pretty much the highest level

For me it’s Yun, Chun, Gen, and Bison. I’ve never been a fan of charge characters, and I can’t piano worth a damn so that kind of F’s me with Chun and Gen. Yun I’ve just been lazy learning him lol. And Bison is the whole charge character thing.

But all of them I enjoy the feel of and how they control as well as the variety of the gameplay.

Dudley. I love his high low mixups and crazy juggles, but I haven’t been able to get his playstyle to gel with me yet.

Dee jay and blanka for me. I wish they would remove charge moves and give them normal ones :stuck_out_tongue:

C. Viper and Makoto. Fantastic to watch, a pain in the derriere to be good with.

For the longest time I mained Bison and in my heart of hearts just really wanted to play Dan. My Bison made it to A… and my Dan after 5 monthsm of switching to him is still at 4000 BP…

but a Dans gotta do what a Dans gotta do.

I haven’t looked back ever at my character choice though.

Also: Makoto. That is just a phenomenal character to watch and tons of fun to play but the skill level required to even make her function on a basic level is far beyond mine.