Characters that beat an Ammy THC

I’m compiling a list of those who have an option to counter the Ammy THC

Ryu - Shinku Tatsumaki [upclose, trades]
Morrigan - None, Shadow Servant [upclose]
Chris - Satelitte[upclose]
Dante - Devil May Die
Felicia - None
Chun - None
Trish - None
Amaterasu - Divine Instruments, Okami Shuffle[trades, full screen]
V Joe - Mach Speed, Six Machine
Tron - None, Servbot Surprise?
Wesker - None
Spencer - Bionic Arm[upclose]
Arthur - For the Princess
Zero - Genmu Zero
Viper - Emergency Combination, EX Thunder Knuckle?
Haggar - Lariat?
Akuma - Shun Goku Satsu(depends on opponent’s position)
Hsien Ko - None, Daibakusou Rimoukon[Gold Armor]
Jill - Machine Gun Spray
Firebrand - None
Hiryu - Vajra[fullscreen], Ragnarok
Nemesis - None
Vergil - Nelo Angelo [You can react straight from normal Vergil to this hyper and still beat it out]
Wright - Order in the Court, Maya Samurai Smelting (Interestingly enough, Ace Attorney does not work)
Frank - Lv3 Survival Techniques[mid screen], Lv4 Survival Techniques[3/4 screen], Barrel Roll[Kara cancel into Survival Techniques]

Wolverine -
Iron Man -
Hulk -
Deadpool -
Cap America -
Doctor Doom - Doom Time [upclose]
Skrull -
Thor -
Dormammu -
X-23 -
Spider-Man -
Magneto -
She Hulk -
Storm -
Phoenix -
Taskmaster -
Sentinel -
Shuma Gorath -
Ghost Rider -
Hawkeye -
Doctor Strange - Seven Rings of Raggador
Iron Fist -
Nova - None
Rocket Raccoon -

Anything with i-frames that can reach high enough to hit her.
Anything that destroys high-durability projectiles.
Anything that manages to slip through the fire/ice gap (i.e you did a bad THC)
Anyone with enough balls to smack her out of Okami Shuffle.

You can erase almost all of the counters if you XF the point character since you’ll be able to punish anything they do. You can chase Sentinel and Morrigan (~31 frames of invincibility: if she doesn’t make contact with Ammy, Okami Shuffle will knock her out of the Lv. 3 very quickly) after their supers run out of i-frames. I don’t exactly know how Skrull can punish the THC but you can punish whatever he does afterwards. The same thing is true for a bad call against Hidden Missiles. The missiles track your point character so XF and dash forward.

Skrull can do his :qcf:+:atk::atk: on reaction to beat out the THC

done by Alukard against Marlinpie in CM exhibition

Skrull Torch probably has projectile invul then.

If the opponent is too reckless, you can throw the opposing point character between the element shuffles if they get too close.

yeah, seen that one before