Character sub-forums broken since switch to Vanilla

I’ll be using this thread to keep track of this problem.

Dear diary,

Feeling blue again today. :frowning:
I think it has to do with my problems being ignored by the world. Also I miss the conversations about 3S characters with random people a whole lot.

Hope I feel better later on.

See you soon.

Hi again diary,

Life still sucks. God, please give me a sign that things are going to improve.

See ya

Bump. It makes it hard to learn a character when nobody posts in the character threads because no one can tell if there are any new posts. Please fix SRK/Vanilla. Please and thank you.

What’s up diary,

Not too much with me. Still living in neglect forum. Still depressed.

Hope something changes some day.

PS I did enjoy the random interaction with the hairy stranger though.

I dont understand the problem here. It is a global problem or just all sub forums?

It’s all sub forums.

The regular forums work as they should… They light up when there’s an unread post in them.

But the sub forums all light up together with the regular forum, even if there’s no new posts in any of the sub forums, but just a new post in the regular forum.

^ Like that. There’s no new posts in the sub forums, just in the main 3S forum.

Even worse, when there is only a new post in one of the sub forums, nothing lights up in the index.

Comes down to: if you want to know if there’s been a post in any of the sub forums. You have to open them one by one. Nobody does that.

If its a global problem, its a problem with vanilla’s software and there is nothing I can fix.

And you can’t talk to the Vanilla people, as a client / user of their product?

Alright, I’ve mailed Vanilla support myself again. I’ll send you a bill for my work hours.

Good day,

I want to report the following problem for the messageboard:

The new forum (since the switch to Vanilla) broke the sub-forums.

There’s no way of telling if there’s been a new post in a sub forum, since they don’t get marked (light up) in the index when someone has posted a new comment.
But if there’s a new post in the main board, all the sub-forums connected to this board light up in the index as if there’s been in a new post in them too. And they all get unmarked when you’ve read the new posts in the main board.
This problem has made the sub forums useless, since no one can follow up on questions or anything.

The main board here is ‘Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike’, notification of new post by lighting up blue works fine there. But the sub forums, which is everything under ‘character specific’ don’t light up for new posts in them.
All the sub forums in this picture are blue not because of new posts in the sub forums, but because there’s one or more new posts in the main board.

Comes down to: if you want to know if there’s been a post in any of the sub forums. You have to open them one by one. Nobody does that, so large parts of the messageboard at have become useless.

I’ve reported this to the admins but they don’t seem to react to this problem. That’s why I report this myself, as a user.

Thanks in advance.*


Re: [Vanilla Support] messageboard - sub forums broken (ticket #6052)‏

*Hey there!

Thanks for contacting us. I cannot disclose any information on client forums to end users, and I can generally only supply support to account holders.

I do understand the situation you are reporting though, and I will pass the suggestion along to the developers.


Who would have guessed it’s the client who has to contact Vanilla.