Character specific combos?

Is there any sort of a list out there of different character specific combos?

I don’t mean just j.hp,, c.hp xx tatsu either, though I’m still not positive who all that works on! I mean more than that, such as punishing Cammy with,, xx tatsu.

there aren’t many worth noting apart from on chun li cr.MP x2 cr.MK HK tatsu and that cammy one. There are a few specific ones for crumples in corner against characters like abel and juri you’ll find those under the thread titled hardest combo

ST med kick, ex fireball, ultra 1 mid screen on quite a lot of the cast

ryu cr lp standing lp link works on gouken gen rolento dudley hakan guile smaller hurt boxes and smaller characters it don’t work on.

bigger characters taller characters wider hitboxes it works on.