Character Matchup Thread 2013

Hey followers of the foxhound. I recently played against Alisa and Elena as a team and realized that I have no real clue what to do against some of the cast in this game. The point of this thread is to expose the matchup statistics and what we are to do utilizing our counter, ducking, etc. I may try to post up videos myself, but guys lets try to put up what we can.

Alisa- I’ve found the counter very effective against Alisa players when they’re up close with her chainsaws, The string when she first summons her chainsaws isnt a true blockstring. Other than that I mostly try to stay out of her chainsaw range and just wait for a whiffed button.

Edit- just dont counter every time because then you become predictable, I only do it 1 or 2 times to see if they like to press buttons.