Character count monitor


A lot of people complain about my long-windedness. Honestly I think I’m aware of the issue but it isn’tthat easy to gauge how much you talked, especially with scrolling on smartphones, if you can’t see how much you’re talking about.

I think I got two suggestions they’ll keep my long-winded this check. If it’s an easily selectable feature on this form software please add it. If that’s please help me find a place like the Apple Mac store or Google play store where I could find these kind of apps.

feature 1, character limits and tool to count characters

The biggest thing I need is a character / word counter. And maybe there should be a general guideline of 2x or 3x characters is appropriate for a starter,. And X characters.

if you want to discuss things in more detail I got two way you can have it not count against your character count yet not disturb people who complain about TLDR.

The gear has a hide details option. Characters contained within a hidr details do that count against the main character count what counts towards the auxiliary count.

Also the size of the largest hidden detail segment should be listed too. So that you chunk each individual set of details down to an appropriate size.

feature 2: main points and details

Also, if you can do nested comments, you can have a file system that’s kind of like a PC with files inside files, kind of like those Russian nesting dolls. So it’s your alternates between capital letters numbers lower case letters numbers in return. So a fifth-degree sub-points would be labeled B 5 c 1 A.

That way the five main points are labeled A B C D E . And if C is the thing you’re most interested in you open C and see 1 2 3.

testing nested comments theory

If you have many degrees if comments, then maybe you can have multiple 10 boxes within boxes to wrap a game download code. Like the packaging I unwrapped as a kid for a Coleco vision game. Then maybe comment hiding can be done in degrees with the deeper and more tangential layers being buried deeper.

If this works. There is a detail within a detail and my idea works well. All it needs is a color scheme with RYGCBM being the color wheel order of nesting.

Well, nested hidden comments work!!! Yay me. Now all I need is a character limit to stick to, and a counter to inform me how much I wrote. :slight_smile:

Bruh, if you want a character counter, type this in word first. It would also help with all the misspellings. Then copy and past it in here.

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Thanks for the suggestions. However, I have a Mac and an Android (the lowest percentage computer/smartphone combo in terms of popularity) Is there an Android app with a character counter? Should I assume Apple Pages has a character counter.

And may I have a range of character counter and what’s considered polite? Also is it somewhat more polite to bury less important information in hidden details so the TLDR crowd have to actively tap to expand. If so, how many characters should a single expansion be?

Also the more specific a question or response, the tighter I can and should make a response. And unless a tangent is close enough where others see the segue, keep it in a hidden text comments.

Also would an "ask xxxxx publicly"chain initiated by xxxxx be a way to say, ( I’m not asking for special treatment, others could have a public ask xxxxx segment if they want to broadcast their opinions as I do mine. As long as all topics on SRK are Fighting game / Joystick related, SRK owners and head mods shouldn’t mind.) I’m an amateur expert on a certain subject, and I’d discuss what I know and believe, and try to de-polute other segments of the forums.

I understand things happen gradually, but you must stop in an instant. That’s how bad habits get turned into good habits.

Try keeping shit under 100 words, man.

Most of your posts are hundreds (if not thousands)

This is a forum, for discussion. You have to give other people a chance to talk.
You’ll have the chance to say everything that you want to, I promise.

If it takes you more that 5 minutes to type, it’s too long

Since word processors count characters easier than it does words would you suggest about a thousand character limit?

Just be concise. Only ask one question in a post. Stay on topic in that post. Make one thread and keep everything there. Especially this.

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