Chaning arcade stick need recomendations

So after seeing how my old madcatz sfiv round 2 stick is missing some lp inputs again after I tried to (and kind of succesful but not really) fix it three times I think is time for him to go to the arcade sticks heaven and for me to get a new one, specially seeing all this generation change and stuff. I’ll most likely play on ps3 and ps4 (specially after sf5 releases),I might also give PC or xbox 360 a try (but not xbone fuck xbone) but I’m more concerned about PS3/PS4, any special recommendations of what to get?

Also If there’s a general thread about this stuff I’m sorry, first time posting in this subforum and if this doesn’t go here then I also sorry cuz again first time posting here xD.

If you are comfortable with your current hardware you could just drop a Chimp(PC+PS3), a Chutulu(PC+PS3) (btw its the same post since its made by the same company) or a PS360+ (PC+Ps3+x360+legacy). This will enable you to keep you current hardware and be able to upgrade console compatibility. Unless you want to change your whole setup which is entirely up to you.


You could just replace that microswitch, they’re dirt cheap ( Probably a good idea to buy enough to replace them all since you’d have to pay shipping anyways.

On ps4 compatibility, commercial options are limited to a few Hori sticks (HRAP V4/V5, PS4 VLX), the Madcatz TE2, or the Venom (only available in europe, knockoff parts). You could also mod the stick you have to work on PS4 with a padhack, or you could just use your PS3 stick as is if the games you’re interested in support the Lab Zero driver (currently MKX and USF4).

I’m going to change hardware completly, I’m having a bit of various troubles lately with my stick (not only the bumper, but also the start button also malfuctions, but that’s due to the wire being fucked up from the moment I bought it and it just can’t hold itself much longer). From all that possibilities I think I’m going to buy a TE2, I had a good experience with my actual madcatz stick (until some time ago, but I’m going to say that that’s just because of age and sometimes falling to the floor), but sadly they’re either out of stocks or not available at the moment :frowning: guess I’ll have to wait

Arcade sticks are easy to fix, you could save yourself a lot of money. That said, if you’re fixated on getting a new one, you could still the one you’ve got, even if it was just the shell.