Changing pools.

I just saw the bracket locator tool and my pools are in the morning and early afternoon.

I’m a Vegas local and I had an unexpected death in my family and I’m not going to be available until later in the afternoon because of the funeral. Is there any way to change what pools I’m in? I understand if I can’t change it. I’d probably scrub out of the tournament at 0-X anyway. But if I can, it’d be awesome. Thanks.

if they allow you to change your pool assignments, then everyone will be asking to be taken out of their pool and placed elsewhere due to competitive advantages making it unfair for everyone

If you cannot make the friday commitment, then you shouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

The fuck?

The OP said that he had an unexpected death in the family…it’s not like he’s asking because he’s in a stacked pool.

Yes, because my grand uncle dying after a prolonged illness was something entirely on my part. The ensuing fight with the extended family to get him buried was entirely on my part.