Changing colors of an animated gif?

I was wondering if there was a fairly quick / easy way or changing the colors of something across multiple frames (an animated gif)? I’m pretty useless at Photoshop / Imageready (though I have them). I basically wanted to change the oranges of my avatar to an equivilent blue.

Thanks in advance for any help! :bgrin:

It’s possible, but you have to change the GIF frame by frame [as far as I know. This was in CS1].

I did color editing through Photoshop though.

  1. Open the GIF in ImageReady [since opening a GIF in PS will compress it to one layer].
  2. Transfer it to Photoshop.
  3. Going one layer at a time, use the REPLACE COLOR option [or something] to change the colors.

I don’t have PS anymore so I can’t look for reference, but that’s how I recall doing it…

Note: I may be wrong. :frowning:

I’ve just had an idea…would it be possible to have all the individual frames on the screen (say in imageready or such), take a screenshot so it all becomes a single image, and then edit all the colors at once?

From there I’d imagine all you have to do is slice out each individual frame and put them back together, but it would take far less time that trying to recolor each individual frame.

I’m not very knowledgeable in regards to Photoshop, though, would this be a feasible idea? :wonder:

Why not ask vegetto since he made your av?

He did, it’s just I’m not very good at it. :sad:

I’ve tried the replace color technique and it still comes out odd. I’ve heard paint works with the fill option but…I just don’t trust paint, can anyone confirm that?

Yeah, I’ve checked / asked around all over the place but have had zero luck. I know a bunch of artists (a number of them professionals), but they’ve either not dealt much with gifs or know of any other way but to do it one frame at a time.

Not that I’m taking anything away from Vegett0’s excellent work. :woot: I’m just wondering if it could be done. :sweat:

Also Vegett0, the bit I mentioned about the straining animation at the beginning, would it be possible to fit if frames 19-20 were dropped?

That’s a very interesting idea. I’m thinking it would work. You don’t have to take a screenprint though. You can just make a big working area [no background], then move the frames over to it. Compress into one layer and color edit. If it worked, then cut them out and put them back into the 160x100 working area.

I wish I could try it.

As for the PAINT option, I never messed around with that. It would either color OUTSIDE of the boundaries, be pixel-ish looking around edges, or take a long time if you went color by color…or something.

when it comes to using paint u have u have use the magnifying glass and fill it in pixel by pixel