Changes you'd like to see for Rog in SSFIV Arcade

Hi guys,

Im a newbie around here (old time SF fan/player since WW hit the arcades then the SNES), been reading all the cool info for a while ,esp on the Rog forum as he has been my main since I picked up SSIV.

Anyway I’ve noticed that many of the other character forums have a topic devoted to character specific changes they would like to see Capcom add in the upcoming Arcade release of SSFIV.

**So do fellow Rog users have a wishlist (realistic please, he isn’t getting a shoryuken or fireball!) of changes and buffs they would like to see the Rogster get? **

I know he is relatively competitive in his current state, but as it’s been pointed out he isn’t exactly dominating the current tournament scene, and with other chars likely to getting buffs it would be sad if he got left behind.

Personally I would be happy if his OH dash punch was beefed up since he lacks an overhead normal and it probably wouldn’t be realistic to make any of his normals hit OH. I think a significant speed up of the OH dash to make it harder to counter with throw / uppercut would be a realistic enhancement that would help make Boxer a contender.


something with his headbutt. I hate that it trades too often and that it isn’t a decent AA.
It also sucks he’s got no wake-up game. I mean honestly, that’s asking for a whole nother game. But I think they could do something with his headbutt possibly.

Nothing. Not to argue about the hadbutt, but because of EX Headbutt being so good and the amount of EX Balrog has during a match make it OK. Regular headbutt is an art of choosing which strength to use in different situations, imo.

Hmm, I almost never use meter, pretty much only for combo to super cancel. Does his EX headbutt make for a better defense? If it does that’s something I never knew. Weird seeing as how I put in some solid lab time but I didn’t know something like that.

i’d love for his FA to have a ‘step-in’ to it so that it gets a step more worth of range.
i mean, it’s supposed to be a reflection of the ‘gazelle punch’ but the gazelle punch wasnt a hunched up uppercut. it was the step-in that provided the uppercut with power.

His focus has it’s merits. I find it can be effective as an AA considering it’s height and impact is directly up, whereas horizontally would make it a bit lopsided.

Yeah it’s annoying it has little horizontal range but the amount of people I still catch with Focus Attack, especially if they try to jump away from it or over it, is stupid.

EX Headbutt is absolutely delicious as it can blow through almost everything, including most Ultras. Regular headbutts, as said above, is dependant on the Strength you use. Most people just use Fierce Headbutt for everything then wonder why it whiffed or traded. Light headbutt for closer AA or Neutral Jumping idiots, Medium for the middle ground, Fierce for the distance. It certainly isn’t the most solid AA/Air Special but hey, Rog has DownFierce, what else could you need?

the only thing i wish he could do that he can’t right now is FADC the headbutt. but the way that attack moves i don’t know if that is even possible since it looks like it connects after he has already left the ground.

honetly, i don’t think rog needs any changes. Maybe make ultra 2 somewhat viable.

Small, quick overhead. -1 on block, +1 on hit, +2 on counterhit. Low damage, no comboability, but just so you can’t hold down back vs Rog. People who are really good at teching throws can negate so much of Rog’s pressure.

Did you hear that? It sounded like Chris Hu saying “Headbutt FADC Ultraaaaaaaaaaaaa! Dat Balrog got reaction!”

This all day and night.

more range on FA. i just hate how i play against ryu akuma makoto dudley ken etc. and they can use their level 2 FAs and get some pressure going but i cant do it for shit

I feel this would make him complete.

FA needs better range something like Dudley’s.

OH punch is comboable, has SA, and mindfucks a lot of people because his low’s in general are amazing. His high-low game is very lopsided, but that doesn’t mean it’s weak by any extent. His AA normals make up for headbutt. His outstanding footsies with armor breaks, ex rushes, sweeps, and fire-ball avoiding HB’s more than make up for a shitty FA. Seriously, every weakness Rog has can be made up for with smart play. If the 3 Bears had an SSf4 cabinet, Goldilocks would choose Balrog every time.

Just going to shameless re-state what I said earlier.

I’m by no means a fan of Balrogs Focus Attack but it has it’s merits. Considering he is ultimately a quick character with amazing normals/footsies/zoning, the concept of giving him a ‘Dudley’like’ FA (AS someone above has said) seems pretty ridiculous as that along with the rest gives some obscene horizontal domination mixed together.

As it stands I have accepted the limited horizontal range of his Focus Attack and also keep in mind how vertical it is, which has it’s positives. In addition I wager the FA is a pretty small hitbox in comparison to many other moves, not that thats a big deal or anything. Not going to justify it - It’s terrible as a horizontal attack but by god I can still catch so many people with it when it comes down to it and even moreso if for some silly reason people mis-judge an attempted jump.

His Focus Attack is definately far from amazing, but I feel it’s somewhere at the bottom of his potential list of problems.

OH needs to be faster. Needs to be cody fast. Really if someone just down backs, Techs most of your throws and avoids your OH then all you have is chip damage from LP dashes and pokes. Even then it can be focused :stuck_out_tongue: Also this imight not make sense but may putting +4 on his to all him to combo into his cr. jab and (short?) :stuck_out_tongue: or even just allow him to be able to link 2 just like ryu or dudley

His lows are not that good. is 8frame start up, and is only +3 on hit making for a non plinkable one frame combo to c.lp.

What hampers Balrog though is not being able to make you stand up. He’s awesome, but that quick overhead… Man, all the difference in the world.

He doesn’t need a single thing.

Making ultra 2 viable would probably be the only thing anyone could realistically expect. He is already very solid otherwise. People asking for a quick OH are trying to make an already great character broken =/