Changes for kof XII?

What do you think they should balance/add?

Some characters will be removed like how they always are. I think the poke spam system should be changed a little. Duck players can be pretty annoying. Better backgrounds would be nice. Something like the ryu rooftop in 3s or the bridge in doa4 would be cool. The last boss needs to be harder! Magaki never blocks the jump in combos. I wouldn’t want any more ported “new characters” from garou but it still beats nothing. XI is the best kof so far and I hope XII is even better. Hope you don’t hate my thoughts…

I hate your thoughts.

Seriously…I think they can go whatever direction they want. I think adding a multiple groove system like they did in NeoWave would be pretty cool. Anything to enhance the 3 on 3 system would be great as well. KOF XI shows that SNK can’t die anytime soon cuz the shit they pull out of their woodwork is serious when the guys get together and think. I thought NeoWave already was a great KOF game (took the game back to its roots…yet added some new stuff) and KOFXI shows that the game can be totally changed in a good way (not KOF 99 striker bad way).

dear SNK



i could care less if its the worst game in the world, because you can make XIII rock and possibly POPULAR if you just spend the entire time remaking all of the characters sprites.

Sigh…man some people really really don’t get it do they? (I can see Saotome Kaneda and Time_Stop etc agreeing with me here)…

No offense Henaki but if I were you I’d dig up and read that thread entitled “SnKP needs high res graphics”

Read why it is not in SNKP’s best interest to update the graphics and see how well 94 Rebout Did in Japan WITH HIGH RES GRAPHICS AND REDONE SPRITES

The thing with that was that Rebout 94, at it’s core, was KOF 94. Nothing changed up or anything. This was also what the KOF Japanese fans wanted since there wasn’t an actual port of KOF 94 for any console outside of the MVS, I guess they like their KOF.

The real argument is that we should try to cater to the casual crowd of the US market for total world domination. SNK games still make bank in every other part of the world, so there’s no real need to change up too much graphic-wise. Otherwise we would’ve seen an uphaul ages ago.

Everyone likes shinier, better graphics, but if games can still make a whole bunch of money on outdated shit, then they will milk the fuck out of outdated shit.

Amen Stone…you win…

How you been man??? When you gonna head down to Denton for some SNKP gaming??

I think thats why SNK has created the Max impact series of kof tailored towards a more general amercian crowd with flashy 3D graphics.

It’ll always be a hard sell to make a fighter for both hardcore fighter fans and generalized gamers.

I personally love the look of KOF XI and the direction SNK has started to take. I’d like more of an arcade perfect port though for competitive play reasons.

They should implement mode/options in console ports in the form of a toggle so we can have our arcade perfect port and the extras too.

The way gas prices keep going up and me having trouble with money upkeep, I’ve been keeping appearances out of state to just tournaments. :frowning:

I’ll see you at Evo, at least.

am i missing something, i thought the ps2 version was arcade perfect…aside from arrange mode.

to be fair rebout’s “high res graphics” still looked like crap

kof12 they need to give malin her 03 runway with her XI rushdown and there set! :tup:

k9999 thats all I want.

I love the graphics for KoF, who cares if they’re outdated, it gives it a unqiue feel anyways. And if they’re using a new system… More teams! don’t take them out! Where the hell did K9999 and Angel go, I know they didn’t die… And maybe the return of Foxy… j/k. But seriously I want them to add teams instead of remove them. It’s cool how they brought Garou chararcters in, and especially Duck King, haven’t seen him since RB2. I’d like to see other character’s returns too… I also want my 2k1Heidern!

Stick more random characters from other SNK games in KOFXII.

thats because they spent a grand total of 2 seconds making the high res graphics (they didn’t even redo the sprites, they enlarged them and used a photoshop filter basically), and it was a fucking remake of an ancient piece of shit game.

you gave me possibly the worst example to argue with ever. new graphics aren’t that hard, they should still have all of the original artwork right? thats how they keep doing new costumes i assume, it might be time consuming but holy shit they can make revenue off something else, KoFXi is a good game but it has PSX era graphics and they keep making games. if it’s not profitable, make it profitable, except SNK sucks at running a fucking business so theres no way thats going to happen.

not to mention this is an insane, contentless post ++ thread with unrealistic wishlists, have fun arguing every other point while you’re at it. i posted what i want, and you don’t want better graphics? fine, whatever, live in your fantasy world where SNES graphics still sell.

Bollocks, they did trace the original sprites but it was all re drawn,
Photoshop filter indeed.

Oh K9999 killed foxy so she can only be in the next dream match, 13.

^ Foxy’s still alive. She shows up in K’s special intro with Kula.

she survived?

I guess…then again SNK’s storylines aren’t exactly clear.

I think Foxy was retconned.