Change Microswitches Sanwa JLF

The Microswitches of Sanwa Jlf are soldier at PCB?
I want to change the Microswitches of Omron because i think there is snagging with the microswitches are good idea to change by Zippy Microswithches to avoid snagging

I have Zippys for their silent feature in one of my JLF’s. If you’re having snagging issues you can start by reassembling your stick. Do you have an after market actuator or spring installed?

You can just dump the PCB and mount the microswitches directly. You will, however, have to bypass the 5 pin connector.

The actuactor is made it Paradise Arcade Metallic and it´s snagging with microswitches the problem with actuactor 1mm is hit the microswitches but a lot of thing made snaggins

I recently just picked up a harness/cherry switch mod kit for a jlf from Paradise arcade, and thought this might be how to do it, but is there any special way to mount the switches under the gate? I noticed the screws seem like they could possibly get in the way since they have rounded tops.


Thanks. Now I can do the swap without questioning it so much and worrying. :slight_smile:

I want to made the mod as the video that he use zippy ultra light 20g and PAS 1MM oversize actuactor with the switches that i receive today to ArcadeWinkel see the video from 2:30 time

If you want to keep the PCB and harness setup, simply take your 4 new switches and wire them into the PCB.

Just solder 2 wires to each switch and then solder the other ends into the PCB where the old switch legs used to be. Then re-assemble. This method works fine.

Mod Sanwa JLF with zippy microswitches and actuactor 1mm Arcade paradise you cant see here. That i made the mod the only problem that the left and right direccion are changed i don´t know but caves games is very difficult to play with it the spaceship moves faster and i need to use a lot to focus to avoid bullets

I find for shmups and specially cave shmups that Seimitsu joysticks work better.