Chang tech throw attack!

its been a while since playing all nighters with friends, but a few times when i tech a throw with chang, right after the tech, choi runs ups and stabs the opponent with his claw, it takes damage and they cant do nothing. i once ko’d him because little energy was left. it’s the funniest thing youve seen

what did i do? is this a command move? any chang players seen this?

Maybe it is like KOF 97, when someone grab you in a mash grab, like blanka’s bite, if you mash, one of the guys of your team interrupt the attack by entering in the screen.

Ill check this out, but I dont believe it is a command. If so, it were supposed to be in command list, it is probably a mash.

please! let me know

Didnt find…

Good damn newbies at gamefaqs!

I found one Faq saying that Chang has a jab infinite! When I read more, it is the A-Groove, the guy says: “It is infinite untill you have meter.”

I just couldnt find, lets just try with some friends.

Press :snka: +:snkb: +:snkc: in the same time as a move hits during a mash grab or during the dizzy animation, one of the characters that are waiting to fight will jump and save you.
Not too hard, not too easy.

Ill see IN-game how does this applies to CVS2, if someone grab me.

Thanks Master Bigode!


This thread is in the CvS 2 section ?

I didn’t notice that…:confused:

If you are trying to do this in the PS2 version, try pressing Square+Triangle+Circle+X , it may work.:sweat:

lol… i posted this 10 months ago and still no answer from all us chang masters?, ps that doesnt work, tested.

I still need help on this! Anyone know?

you’re good.
You really had me fooled.

Is this a serious topic or a troll thread? Cause if its serious, did you happen to throw choi out early, tech a punch throw late and have the claws connect right at the same time?


rdp+lk -> tech throw -> choi connects

just confirming this, seen it once before

opponent techs chang’s kick throw, choi goes through with the hit anyway. dunno how to reproduce it though

couldnt find answer in the stickys… how do you perform a tech throw on command.

when you tech Changs kick throw , is that when you just throw the guy instead of slamming him in choi.

Ive done this but have never seen choi run up and hit afterwards.

I did this a few days ago

called choi opponent rolled I went for the throw we teched but looked like choi should have hit his attack whiffed

I dont think this is possible?

Im pretty sure the characters are invincible until their animation ends, sorta like when rolento does a lvl 3 vs a fireball. the fireball will go thru him still. What they are talking about is Changs Kick throw, where chang grabs you and choi stabs you, even if you tech sometime choi will hit you.