Challenge Trial Help: Dudley Trial 23

First of all I wanted to say hi, I just joined the forums.

Anyway, I got through Trials 1-22 after a good while, but trial 23 is the death of me.
I kid you not I’ve been in this trial room for a shameful 6 hours when adding the past two days together… for a combo someone can do in 7 seconds.

I’m extremely new to Street Fighter and I’m determined to learn how to play it properly.

For those who dont remember, Dudley’s Trial 23 is:
Jump Hp
Target Combo 1 (F+lp->mp)
Jet Upper (DP+mp)
FADC (Focus Attack Dash Cancel)
Corkscrew cross (qcf qcf+ppp)

Some problems I have during this trial:
1.Cant seem to correctly input Target Combo 1 due to the trial mode requiring F (Forward) be pressed before LP.

2.Confused as to when I input jet upper. Lately I’ve been trying to input the motion for Jet Upper right after the lp in target combo 1.

3.I find it extremely hard to FADC right after all of the above combo, jet upper seems to only give you a small time frame to start up Focus

4.After I FADC I always screw up corkscrew cross due to the need to dash out of focus.

For the record I’m using an Arcade stick (Qanba Q1).

Please help if you can, I’m going crazy. It’s not so much that I want to beat the trial as it is overcoming my execution issues and understanding how street fighter works.
I’m willing to put the work in, I just need some assistance along the way.

I’ve completed that trial but never do that combo because it is worthless.the only advice i can give is to hit mk or plink mp and mk when hitting mp for the dp. it will make it easier to focus.

Thanks for the advice.

I’ll try plinking but I’m not to confident I’ll be able to…
Even when I try not to, I end up panicking during the combo.

When that happens I start to mash. Not only that but my stick motions turn into more of a hand seizure trying to complete the combo fast enough.
Some people say to take your time doing the motions but if I do Dan will hit the ground before I blink.

Regardless thanks for the help. I’m grateful for anything I get.

I get the hand seizure thing. that goes away after loads of practice. I love doing the ex ssb fadc into u2 but when i first practiced it i felt like i was possessed when i finally started to land it as i couldnt understand what my hands were doing. I know youve seen it alot here, but allow me to add to the golden rule for dudley collage: practice practice practice practice. A neat tip i can offer is practice your trial backwards. First get comfy mk. jet upper fadc into ultra 2. Honestly i think thats the toughest part of that combo.

I did separate it into two parts but the problem is combining them. I got really close yesterday but I accidentally did rocket upper instead of corkscrew cross…

I’ll keep practicing until I get it.
Hopefully the seizure hand motions end soon

Thanks for the advice!

Edit: So I made some progress… kind of!
I’m no master at it, but I can pull off Jet Upper FADC Ultra now with a few attempts.
The real problem seems to be doing j.Hp Target Combo 1 into Jet upper.

I have been told by another forum to input the jet upper right after the mp of the Target combo 1…
but it always comes out to late. Am I not doing it fast enough? I tried going as fast as I could but if I go any faster my wrist will snap and my motions will become garbage. If I try doing just the stick motion of jet upper during the Target combo it seems to work sometimes but I’m never prepared for the focus attack 1 swift second later.

All I’ve been doing is training and challenge mode, I’ve touched arcade mode a whole 1 time…

Arcade mode is excellent for becoming a fundamentalist with your established and polished bnb combos in a competitive environment ( you have your life bar on the line) because if you set it to very hard, by round 3, all of your opponents are unforgiving if you drop combos and they also whiff punish you like crazy, so you have to be on point on when to throw your combos an then nvr dropping them when you finally find your chance. (gl with very hard seth with dudley) I hope capcom implements round simulation in training mode like UMVC in Ultra…

For your issue with connecting your target combo into Jet upper, unless you have hands of a god, buffering jet upper is your best option, so as soon as you press mp, you must simultaneously input 6236 (dragon motion) with your stick then after you press mp, immediately press mp again for your upper. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable buffering, you can practice buffering st.HKxxxexmgb. you can knock out 2 birds with one stone as you MUST GET COMFY INPUTTING ST.HKxxxEX MGB (improve your buffering faster by buffering U2 after exmgb)

Finally, as you do it more and more youll feel like time slows down as you are doing these. Honestly, the real test comes when you have to do thes combos under pressure, when you are fighting these other gentlemen ( im looking at you sassy, mr moods, an kouki…) just focus on not slacking when you practice your combos and drill every chance you get ( do combo 3/5/10 times without messing up, if you do,restart, then do them on the other side ((for me, im weaker on the left side for some reason when i play on stick, so i double the numbers when im there)) End of the day, you must remember that these combos (tut combos) are fundamental and if you ask me, id say that its only a third of what you need to do well. ( but the most important) So in your training regimen, I would not just work on combos, I’d get comfortable doing the other 2/3 which is primarily learning how to block/punish other characters attacks ( i started with balrog), getting used to block strings and or feux strings (pressure) ( personal fave and goto is cr.lp, cr.lkxxx lk ducking (empty)to mpxxxlk ducking and so on and so forth. and something not many people told me buttttt getting used to doing jet upper from crouch blocking position. reacting with jet upper (as an anti air) while you are blocking is game changing imo and it wasnt as stressed as other things dudley players were told. There are loads of tid bits not just that either. Stay classy.


[wall of text over]

you can do trails with extra inputs in the combos.
The easiest way to do this trail is to take Dan to the corner, and after the jet upper FADC do crouch roundhouse then ultra 2

The trails teach impractical combos and links. You’re actually using Super Dudley and not 2012 as well which imo can cripple your growth starting out as a new player.

Watch the tut in the link below. Watch level 1 hit confirms, level 2 punish combos, then 2012 changes. Level 3 blockstrings might help as well. Actually just watch blockstrings and punish combos.