Chain combos

Does Maki have any?

cs.lp,, cs.hp,

i’ve seen s.lp,, s.fp. xx kick super

its hard as hell for me to do on this DC controller though, they connected it off of her crossup…just a lil info that might help, cuz it took of a big chunk

She also has the Chain of Stand Jab, Stand Strong, Stand Fierce, Down + Fierce (for a throw). But timing that last hit is kinda hard, as it ends up whiffing a lot.

Standing Fierce Punch can’t chain into Crouch Short, however. The way to get a Super off of her Chain is to do Stand Jab chained into Stand Strong LINKED into Crouch Short buffered into Super.

In some Combo vids, however, they do Stand Jab, Stand Strong, Stand Fierce, and then whiff the throw (Down + Fierce). Then quickly throw out a Stand Fierce or Roundhouse before the enemy recovers (the throw whiff has almost zero delay) and cancels into Super. This is not easy at all, but it’s possible.

  • James

That’s how they did that damn super at the end. I’ve been trying to buffer off the chained roundhouse forever because I know it’ll buffer off of a normal roundhouse.

Chains? Kinda of a weird BB. c.lp c.lp to qcf k then mk.(slide kick slam) 5 hits.
c.lp kkk 3 hits
When some characters are crouching, you can’t connect the fp, or the fk in the final fight chain. But usually if the fp connects, and the fk wiffs in the final fight chain (s.lp s.fp ) replace fk in the ff chain with down and fp. For some reason the the d.fp connect’s. Maki’ fp, and fk wiff on crouhing characters alot so you have to learn the distances on those moves. :mad: Also you can connect c.lp,or s.lp to ff chain. different on characters.
c.lp s.lp qcf 2 kick super or,/qcf k to mk slide slam. Remember Maki’s s.lp can also connect on certain crouching characters.

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Just wondering what Groove you think Maki is best in.

I’ve heard she is good in a running groove, but C-groove also. I never actually seen a good Maki player though. Aren’t you, jchensor, a Maki player?

I’m not jchensor but I am a Maki player.

I play her in K.

I like basically having no disadvantage to KKK. JD a few times and you get your life back. Among other things like Run and Rage meter bonuses and shit.

ehh… any say on Maki’s med punch? I hear from here and there that its good and whatnot, but I loooove her fp. since I never think fast enough to try the damn thing out, i never get to experiment. wat makes it supadupa?

I tried Maki yesterday and I think that her standing mp was a good poke…

Personally, I think her best pokes is It looks slow, but isnt. Very useful for punishing wiffed

st.hp I find good too, even works as a far anti-air, although u want to use cr.hp for that job.

Same with RCed qcf+p, if you can range it properly. I find there is magic distance where u can basically do this a few times and still be relatively safe. The best thing about this is that the recovery looks longer than it is, meaning u can use this to bait another one, or KKK. has really good priority…lot of times people will walk into the trying to do a move or whatnot…

s.hp i rarely use because people can easily roll and have enough time to punish you if you use it a lot, i’d stick with

abuse like people use athena’s c.hp if you want free hits…