Has anyone else tried it? I was playing TMNT TF with someone yesterday. Had some ggs. Kinda like Zbattle except there is no downloading involved. It just checks to see if the host and the other player have the same rom. You might have to do a checksum and restart your client after downloading a rom that someone has, but other than it seems to work ok.

I hope he gets to work on NullDC support eventually (if it’s possible), it’s netplay could use a good kick in the arse.

Well Supra isn’t actually changing the netcode for any of the emulators.

CGA simply acts as a matching service for clients with a p2p netplay funtion.

Supra has said he plans to add all emulators that support p2p kaillera however.

I was on earlier. Didn’t look half bad =)

Between my experience on Zbattle, I’d say CGA is a whole lot better. One reason is because it “works”. Hate the downloading on Zbattle; someone actually downloaded my TMNT TF, but somehow they actually “cut” from my HD. No big deal since its easy to obtain, but I was like how is that possible.

If anyone wants to play some TMNT TF, Sailormoon Fighter 2, or Battle Tycoon, with me come. Had some really ggs in TMNT since I been on it.

Thanks. I actually wanted to talk to you about your P2P client and maybe we could work something out since it’s already been done. I hardly see you on AIM anymore.

It’s just a bug on the zbattle client. If you set your Rom properties to “Read Only” they won’t delete.

im usually logged into msn unless im at work or playing cs

i think its great :wonder: just needs a few ki players


C.Dome (Chibi) vs Mike (Monki)

Might do a TMNT TF revial thread if we get enough of these.

TMNT is a really stylish appealing fighting game for snes. I wanna play it, but is there a lot of delay on cga? Thats one thing that bothers me about online play probably more than it bothers other people.

no not at all…i run tmnt flawlessly everytime with chibi on cga

For the record, CGA is simply a match making service for P2P emulators. There is no netplay algorithm involved.

Classic Gaming Arena would be good if it was both P2P and netplay server for most people that do not know how to forward ports on their routers to connect to other people

If you have a router and you were having trouble like me when I was trying to forward ports, you could enable DMZ on it. It opens all ports so you don’t have to configure anything except the which you can find in a command prompt with /ipconfig command.

Enabling DMZ is a security risk, though you can always disable it when you’re done on CGA.

There is nothing to configure for CGA…The port* you need to forward is for the ZSNES emulator…and that’s only if you’re acting as the server.

so what version zsnes should we use? i’m definitely up for TMNTTF. I might check out the other games Chibi listed, but TMNTTF I’d like to play the most

1.36 and 1.42 seem to be the most popular on ZBattle, but if you have a version you would like for me to add, just let me know.

The majority uses 1.42 from what I’ve seen.

Also check out Monki’s Youtube Page for TMNT TF matches between me and him. He records and uploads them.

Only three vids now, but more to come I’m sure.