CFN Stats - Where should match-ups fall?

Just curious. More of a topic for fun than anything else.

But with CFN Stats finally working, where do you believe the bar should fall on certain match-ups for Cammy?

In what match-ups should she lean towards Defense (1.0, 2.0) or Offense, or stay balanced? Feel free to list them all, or just the ones you feel should sway more in one direction than another.

Are you talking about this?

Yep! :smiley:

At first though I think Defense vs Zangief/R Mika for sure, maybe even Balrog (been having some success playing D against him when I get the lead). Bison and Birdie are like even, everyone else I think you should be offensive against.

I think Cammy is the only matchup where I’m defensive.

Nash fang and sim I think I have a 3 for offense

Huh the stats are working now?
Thats kinda interesting.

There’re a bounch of MU’s she can win by playing defensiv, but I tend to play her most of the time as hybrid.
The only 3 chars I go realy on the offence are probably Dhalsim,Zangief and Nash.

I think I have more success rushing down balrogs. Gief I’m still not sure about. I win playing lame and defensive but I noticed I also seem to end the match quicker when rushing him down while keeping his meter and resources in mind.

I play defensive against gief and when that doesn’t go well I rush him down because I feel like they won’t expect it. I tend 2 play a bit defensive against Laura and mika as well that’s pretty much it