CFN app

So it would be a good idea if Capcom made a CFN app that allows us to view replays anywhere using our PSN logins. Eventually adding more features such as rating replays from 1-5 star. Commenting and tagging other users to let them check particular battles. This would make it alot more social and have more people involved and interested. What do you guys think?

I’d honestly love an app dedicated to watching replays online.
Of course if they did this, the video would have to be pre-rendered through PS4’s or your phone or something.

in sure its down the line right after fixing the game lmao

I think replays are just a series of inputs and they use the game system to reproduce the match. It would be hard to watch the replay from outside the game

Don’t think the one dude working on this game has the time right now lmao :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

they could downgrade the current game and make a phone version like SF4 but use it only for replays. probably too ambitious though.

if nothing else just have it be a msg/friendlist communication between cross players…

The problem is that replays aren’t videos, but just input data. So a CFN app that would allow you to see replays would have to have the entire game in it.

In theory, you could have the server render the video from the replay as fast as it could, and serve up rendered video

If they made a replay watching app where the inputs are recreated using sprites that are just sketches from capcom artists and entirely 2d… my god i would use the shit out of that beautiful app.

that would be very inefficient. imagine even hundreds of people using it at once, they would have to wait in a queue or something until a machine was free again.

Too difficult, as you would need all sorts of.threading because there would be thousands of requests at once.

Lol @ all of the “tech” talk in this thread.

What could possibly work is if the cfn app could essentially remote into your own personal ps4, and get a replay in video form.