Cfe (capcom Fighting Evolution)

Can someone tell me has Capcom Evolution been released or when is it going 2 be released in the UK as i have not seen it in any of the game shops i have been to lately an i have got ppl tellin me its out an i aint even laid eyes on it yet thank u!!! :clap:

Wait, you WANT this fucking game?

yo dood, heres a link

this is a good site for cheap games, only fifteen british bucks for cfe, its out feb 11th for ps2 and may for xbox…i personally imported this game afew weeks ago, its worth having for the collection, and certainly worth fifteen squid, but its nowt amazing

btw, u play xbox live third strike? if so whats yer gamertag, can have an all british rumble :slight_smile:

nahh im just askin 4 no fucking reason nob

:clap: well done mate for the link :tup:
i aint got an x-box sadly though thx 4 the link

Alot of UK gamers (myself included) aren’t fussy with what we get. We’re fortunate enough to be given it, considering PAL is always bottom of the list.

exactly my point thnk u very much

Ah, I forget.

Co-sign here. Netherlands + 2d fighters >>> welcome to hell :sad:

2D Fighters & Wales = worse. I heard the netherlands has some tournaments (of some kind) while there is NOTHING for Wales. UK its all about London, which is too far away for me to just play some machines. (250+ miles… 247 to be exact)

dood…i am in scotland…at least u are close to london…man we have the shittiest arcades ever up here…

We don’t have arcades. Even if you’re fortunate to find one its all about this shitty coin slots and DDR.

I rented it out today (cause i have Hard drive loader) and i played a couple of games and it isnt as bad as most ppl make it out to be altho it is a mugen game in my eyes it isnt that bad i give it a 6 out of 10.

2 years ago we had a Tekken/Soul Calibur tourney :karate: and that was about it… :sad: