CFE Avatar Request

I would really appreciate it if someone would make me an avatar utilizing the CFE characters. Whatever someone can come up with is fine, but if an artist needs ideas, I can give them. Okay, so I’ll give some guidelines:

–The pic should have some sort of theme, whether it’s color or something based around the idea of “backyard bodybuilders” utilizing Zangief and Guile. Doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s nice to look at :karate:

–Pics, GIFs, etc. don’t have to be from CFE. They can be whatever you have or find, so long as it fits the theme of the picture.

–Something flashy and/or humerous would be great. If you could have Karen do the raising storm or something like that and have 2 guys faces going “WTF?!”, and then have the guy playing the game go “It takes skill.”, then that would be hilarious. Just throwing out random ideas.

–Like above, things don’t necessarily have to be FROM CFE, but it should keep some sort of CFE theme in order for people to tell that that’s what game it is.

Alright, whoever would like to do one for me please post here. You probably should also PM me and ask questions etc. in case you are intersted. In the mean time… I’m going to think of ideas in case someone wants a full blown sketch in their head before they start getting everything together. Thanks in advance.