CEVO - XBL SF4 Tourney! - Starts 4/6/09 - Free Reg, Cash Prizes!

Over 200 people now :slight_smile:

I tried signing up, but it says I need a IRC and I have no idea what that is and do I put down who i’m goin to use or just keep that a secret.

a bit confusing reg with team creation for 1on1 tornament :-/ hopefully i did everything correctly.

did anyone else got their matches already?

I got an email saying anyone registered after March 30th won’t be able to join as there are too many contestants (I joined on March 29th but apparently the limit had already been reached). :frowning:

damn, too late :sad:

I play Brazy000 apparently on April6th… Sweet.

so if i registered yesterday I registered too late?

Yes sorry, you can sign up for the 2nd Season when we open registration for it again.

Which by the looks of this turn out, I hope that is a definite yes. It will be more fun to play when my stick gets here in a week or so.