CEVO - XBL SF4 Tourney! - Starts 4/6/09 - BRACKETS ARE UP! (CEVO.com)

CEVO LLC (CYBER EVOLUTION) is very excited to announce the opening of the first CEVO Street Fighter 4 XBOX 360 Live Tournament. This online event is completely free to enter and will feature $500.00 in cash prizes.

The Street Fighter 4 XBOX 360 Live Tournament is a double elimination online event for gamers in the XBOX 360 community. The format of the tournament will be 1 v 1. Registration for the tournament will open on Thursday, March 5th at midnight and remain open until 11:59pm est Sunday, April 4th. First round matches will be scheduled April 6th after 11:01 PM CDT time and the deadline for first round matches will be April 9th.


1st: $250.00
2nd: $150.00
3rd: $100.00


Game Play Match Start Times
Players should ensure that they are ready to play fifteen (15) minutes prior to the agreed upon time. After fifteen (15) minutes have passed, both players must be connected to the agreed upon host.

Match Guidelines and Information

Match Hosting
A host MUST be agreed on by both players and MUST fall within the PING IMBALANCE RULE. You may test both hosts until the best one has been determined. The host MUST be one of the players participating in the match.

  • Standard Hosting Policy: The player who has the BEST CONNECTION will be considered the HOST.

  • Optional Hosting Policy: If one (1) of the players has an excellent connection both players ping fairly to, they may agree to use that host for the duration of the match.

  • Scheduling Matches: Please use the CEVO schedule system on the CEVO site to get in contact with your opponent. XBL and Email may be used but the CEVO site is the best bet.

Match Format
BEST OF THREE (3) FORMAT (Regular Bracket Play)
Each match of tournament play will be played in a best of (3) three format. In a best of three (3) format, the first player to win (2) two matches will be considered the winner of the match. If by any chance there would to be a tie (Double KO) then an elimination match MUST be played to determine the winner.

BEST OF FIVE (5) FORMAT (Tournament Winner/Loser Finals for the Finals Bracket)
All tournament final bracket matches will be played in a best of (5) five format. In a best of five (5) format, the first player to win (3) three matches will be considered the winner of the match. If by any chance there would to be a tie (Double KO) then an elimination match MUST be played to determine the winner.

BEST OF FIVE (5) FORMAT (Tournament Grand Championship Final)
The Grand Finals matche will be played in a best of (5) five format. In a best of five (5) format, the first player to win (3) three matches will be considered the winner of the match. If by any chance there would to be a tie (Double KO) then an elimination match MUST be played to determine the winner

Match Breaks
There are NO match breaks allowed in between rounds.

Game / Option Settings

  • Players: 1 vs. 1
  • Round Time: 99 secs
  • Rounds: 2 Rounds
  • Handicap: OFF
  • Characters: ALL Characters are allowed
  • Round Winners: MUST keep their character, Match Losers MAY change characters if they choose
  • Starting a game with the wrong rules or settings will result in a forfeiture of the current stage for the host team

All stages are ALLOWED



Brackets by Groups:

Group A: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=581
Group B: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=582
Group C: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=583
Group D: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=585
Group E: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=586
Group F: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=587
Group G: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=588
Group H: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=589
Group I: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=590
Group J: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=591
Group K: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=592
Group L: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=593
Group M: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=594
Group N: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=595
Group O: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=596
Group P: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=597
Semi-Finals Group A: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=598
Semi-Finals Group B: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=599
Semi-Finals Group C: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=600
Semi-Finals Group D: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=601
Finals: http://www.cevolved.com/playoffs/bracket.php?id=602

To report matches, go to your account and go to the Report match link and its going to look something like this:

H1 — H2 ---- OT

0 ----- 0 ------ 0
0 ----- 0 ------ 0

H1 = Match 1
H2 = Match 2
OT = Match 3

I tried to fix the title so i can keep this up. Hopefully it doesn’t get deleted again

I signed up for the website when you made the other thread, so just waiting for more info when we can sign up for the actual tournament.

im winning this ish as soon as i get a stick best believe it :slight_smile:

Can’t join it anymore I think it’s full or something

  • Characters: ALL Characters are allowed EXCEPT Gouken and Seth

good, about time someone starts banning goukens overpowered ass.

he been banned where do u play where he is able to be used lol

people are arguing that he shouldnt be banned. im pretty sure he’s going to be available at final round.

Alot of kids playing him online too. He needs to be banned from the network in general.

Yea, I went by what i saw somewhere on this site, I think it was EVO where they banned Seth and Gouken.

I don’t think Seth or Gouken are banned in EVO.

They shouldn’t be banned anyway, Seth takes hits like a 5 year old girl, and his attacks do no damage.

Gouken, he shouldn’t be banned, he’s a really good character and all, but he is legit and very beatable. I’m sorry if you’re too scrubby to handle Gouken, but I destroy him all day on Xbox Live and PSN.

GOken is terrible, one of the worst in the game imo, ban him for sucking. Seth on the other hand is pretty dope, not broken by any means though.

Do you know when we will be able to sign up for the actual sf4 tournament?

you’re playing online you idiot, fighting 300-700 bp goukens means you arent fighting Goukens that know what theyre doing. Parrys alone give Gouken too much leeway. Throw into ultra is fair? I play Akuma, i make two mistakes and die, he makes two mistakes, and is fine. Has the damage output of Akuma, takes less damage, has air/high/low parry, guaranteed throw > ultra. At the worse he has a sub par zoning game and “omg he doesnt have an srk”. Who cares, high parry > srk.

Umm last time i checked you can tech throws YA DUMB PHOCK!!!


minus the idiot part. das mean :[

  1. I don’t play with randoms online, I only play with people on my friends list.

  2. comparing Akuma to Gouken is stupid. Akuma has the second least health in the game, so of course messing up with him will cost you a lot of health.

  3. If you get caught by his back throw, well that’s your fault. Maybe you should re-evaluate your game.

I am tired of people whining about characters being banned in a game. Street Fighter 4 is so great because every character can be beat easily. It’s an extremely balanced game, and as of now no character should be banned in my opinion.

let’s just play videogames guys :smiley:

i want in on this tournament.

also, i’m not clear on what you mean by the whole “team” thing. can someone elaborate? Do I need to find people to be on my team? My friends suck at Street Fighter. D:

The website was made for shooters or something, so they have their site set up accordingly.

You are your own team.

Correct Justingroton

and I will know by tonight or tomorrow to unban or not Gouken and/or Seth, like i said i saw it in some of the tournaments on this site and i went with it.

Alright just got done talking to a bunch of top level/SRK people, and they said Gouken and Seth should be unbanned. There is no reason for those two to be banned. Also, The grand finals match will be 3/5 matches instead of 4/7.

That is all that have changed in the rules.