CEO 2011 Orlando, FL June 10-12th-EVO 2011 TS-SSF4AE+MvC3=$5000Tokido/Gamerbee+more

This is the official SRK Tournament thread for CEO 2011 The Official Site is here: Community Effort Orlando Gaming Tournaments.

Registration is now LIVE!!!

CEO 2011 Registration is up and Fully operational.

Support CEO by staying at the Hosting Hotel(Same as the Venue at a great Group Rate of 88.88 TOTAL per night)

Current Sponsor/Affiliates List that are helping bring you CEO 2011:
NOS Energy Drink
Namco Bandai Games
The Traveling Circus

Top Out of State Players and Special Guests attending:

EG Justin Wong
Cross Counter TV’s Mike Ross and Gootecks
DMG Pr Balrog, DMG Inthul
TTC Tokido and TTC Gamerbee
JS Master from Canada
James Chen One of the top Commentators for the Street Fighter World
IFC Yipes and Various Members of Empire Arcadia to be confirmed soon
EMP DIEminion, EMP Perfect Legend, EMP Tom Brady

And More to come
Also deserving Shoutouts the Major Organizers of and NEC/Winterbrawl/SummerJam.
Larry Shinblanka and Big E are now attending CEO to show their love of the community continuing to grow together.

Team Spooky of will be Streaming CEO 2011.

Show your CEO Support by using an Official CEO Avatar created by Sean/ZombieShoes

There will be a $2500 MINIMUM Pot Payout for Both SSF4 and MvC3*Both on Xbox 360 Guaranteed.
There will also be Official Tournaments for (These games will be PS3) Mortal Kombat 9, BBCS, Arcana Heart 3, Tekken 6 and the Smash Games. Also there will be High Roller Tournaments for HDR(Xbox 360), **CvS2 **and 3s both on PS2 as well as a Fighting Game Cosplay Contest with prizes to be announced soon courtesy of one of the Largest Anime Conventions in Florida EXPCon.

When-June 10th-12th Friday-Sunday

Please read below for initial Details and keep checking back. With over 18,000 Sq Ft(Room for 2300 people) of Space, an 1100 Room Hotel resort with CEO 2011 Rooms at 79$ Per night, 2 massive pool areas, Florida’s perfect Summer weather and a Prime Location with over 100 restaurants within a 2 mile radius this will be one of the hottest Fighting Game Tournament Venues PERIOD!

CEO 2011 Fighting Game Championships is a 3 day Gaming Convention for all Fighting Game Enthusiasts from all over the world competing for cash and prizes. Come witness and compete with some of the best players in the world inside of one of the largest 18,000 sq ft tournament gaming venues at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. If you want to come out and just have fun there will also be plenty of Casual Gaming Stations to play some of the latest Games. There will also be Arcade Cabinets with old school Fighting Games courtesy of DJ Delly. All Tournament Equipment and setups(40+ Xbox 360’s/PS3, 5 HD Projectors and Asus Tournament Monitors) will be Provided Courtesy of EXPCon.Org and CEOGaming.

IMPORTANT NOTICE- You MUST* Pre Register before June 6th for Any of the Official Tournaments listed above. At 11:59 on Monday June 6th ALL Online Registeration will be closed.

The Success of CEO 2011 happens from the help and support of the community. You are helping by staying at the Hosting Hotel for CEO 2011 at the Wyndham Resort Orlando by booking through the Special CEO 2011 Gaming Convention Rate, you will get a Room for up to 4 people at the Low price of $88.88 Total Per night

*There will be a last Minute Emergency Registration $40 Badge (CASH ONLY) for those who do not wish to pay by credit card in advance from 10 am Until 4 pm on Friday June 10th. Tournaments will begin at 6 pm on Friday. Sch


Complete and Final Schedule for all official Tournaments will be announced by May 1st 2011.

For more information, updates, prizes, sponsorships, complete rules and schedule please visit Community Effort Orlando Gaming Tournaments.

Any and all Questions Can be directed to or posted on this thread.

Reserved for More Info…

Im there with some philly heads.

I’m there if i’m not deployed lol

this is going to be amazing :slight_smile:


quick question here:
why isnt MvC3 on the ps3 ?
i mean the game has dlc characters, wouldnt it be best on the ps3 ?

Couple reasons.

Majority of marvel 2 online players were On xbox 360,
Majority of super tourneys in Florida have been more successful on xbox 360.
More sticks readily available for 360.
More setups on 360
Only DLC Announced so far are Jill and Shuma gorath so it’s too early to tell what factor dlc will have. PS3 version of mvc3 will require a 1.5 gb hdd install xbox will not.

So in conclusion xbox is the more Logical choice.

We in there baby!!!

totally in there

Let the countdown begin!


reserved for [future] hate.

hmm alright its understandable. thanks man

AH3 MvC3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good shee Jebailey.

What this guy said.

Lets do this!!!

Also what this guy said.

get hype!!!

But Wait There’s more…

Pretty Big Announcement coming this week, stay tuned…