CDL's Kaillera Avoid List

This is my list of players to avoid. I have put these players to the test and I believe they use macros and/or auto fire. I’m sure someone will come on here and bash me and say that they know so and so or they have played so and so and they don’t cheat. But, whatever, get your own topic. This is my list. Believe it or don’t believe it.

*List will update as I continue to find cheaters on Kaillera. Obviously they will begin to change their names so the list will likely get pretty long.

Lucky (Alpha 3)
Adam (Super Turbo)
SRK (Champion Edition)
Ryu1999 (Super Turbo)
Solo Marine (Super Turbo)
DJBABYBOI (X-Men vs Street Fighter)
wtf (Super Turbo)

Haha, Lucky is on that list. I’ve played him in kof, he’s proven to me from that alone that he doesn’t use autofire. Solo Marine might use autofire since he is quite a suspicious person on kaillera anyway, and acts like an idiot. As for my list, it’spretty short so far, but here it is:

CDL (anything)

Before this thread gets locked, I’ve always wondered, just what the hell does autofire allow you to do?
I mean, how exactly does it give you an advantage? Does it allow one to have more chances to pull off a move, or allows you to get more hits in as you’re pushed away (like with Zangief’s jabs, which seem to be unblockable if stringed together).

Depends on the game, but it mainly boosts your execution.

Funny thing is, I’d actually agree about Solo Marine. He’s a huge moron. He hates SNK games with a passion, and he generally acts like an asshole whenever he plays. He said SNK games require no skill so I played him in Last Blade and kicked his ass for like 4 matches. So then he tells me to play him in ST, and I beat him twice with a character I don’t know how to use.

Afterwords, he starts complaining that his controls weren’t set or some crap.
I constantly see him arguing with people, mainly over him spouting something retarded about KoF or some other game.

Reversals without error, combos without error (especially one frame combos), ability to throw or get in jabs in between someone’s attack strings where it would usually be almost impossible to do so without good timing, and increasednumber of hits on supers like Ken’s shinryuken, etc.

Oops, CDL forgot about me.

Solo Marine keeps quiet when he plays me, though he’s a bit suspicious sometimes. Ryu1999 is alright. SRK is actually pleasant to play, though he doesn’t like HF and I don’t like CE. We both suck it up and play each other’s games.

Solo Marine uses Macros as well and always gets a tech on every throw.

As for what advantage Auto Fire gives, Emil is right, but there is a few more.

The V-ISM in Alpha 3 can be seriously exploited with auto-fire.

Now, as for how to spot the cheaters:

*(Note that these are all legit moves, but are advanced moves that require near flawless timing, and anyone who plays on Kaillera knows that your timing is off a lot)

  1. Rising Moves in Street Fighter games. These moves have become increasinly hard to do because of the latency on Kaillera. Even with 28-31 ping my timing is off, but I have no problem offline. If you see someone do this consistently, then there is a good chance that they are using Macros.

  2. Always getting Tech Hits. This is something you will see a lot of with auto fire abusers.

  3. Fireball to Dragon Punch. This is a very difficult move to pull off even offline. You throw a projectile and then wait for your opponent to jump over it, then Dragon Punch them. The reason this is difficult is, there is a delay time between the Fireball throw and the Dragon Punch. If you see someone doing this consistently when you are close, then there is a good chance they are using Macros.

You’re pretty alright yourself :lovin:

so umm… is the BG thread broken or something?

I don’t see how holding down buttons with autofire, as opposed to just mashing down the buttons, helps with tech hitting. Are you sure you know exactly how tech hits work?

Haha, just do most of the dragon punch motion while the fireball is still going. This is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard, and I cannot relate this in any way to macros. I can do this without problems in kof, as well as even more “advanced” things, and…I don’t use macros.

I still don’t know if this guy is being serious or not…it’s hard to believe he is.

CDL isn’t familiar with the piano method of performing reversals. There’s a reason I sometimes wake up with a Strong DP as opposed to a Jab DP. With six chances to get a reversal off, it shouldn’t be a problem even online.

My list of decent player who I think uses auto:


My list of kaillera idiots:


If you join his game and quits anytime before he quits, he automatically screams OWNED, and claims he completely owns you, even though he was in the midst of a 15 game losing streak just 1 min ago.

Don’t Believe the Truth:

When you beat him, he will say either you hacked, autofired, or being cheap.

Miyagi No Throw:

Not exactly an ass, but the whole no throw thing is retarded.

Akuma player that changes his name all the time:

If you leave after you just won, he will say something along the line of you being pussy/chicken/running. If you leave after you lost, he will say stupid shit like OWNED, etc…

General player that changes his name all the time:

There is this guy that change his name all the time and plays a few different char, mainly Ryu. Played him as KGB, Nooblet (wtf?) Singe, etc… He’s not bad, but when he wins one match, he says something like owned or served and drops after 1 match, and if he loses, he says autofire and left.

autofire doesnt do shit for v-ism you clown. v-ism is timing

Aures already admitted to using auto to me. He says he doesn’t use it all the time, and he doesn’t see the big deal.
I’m surprised they don’t ban CDL. He’s obviously a joke account.
I mean he’s over 50 years old according to his profile, lol.

Haha, and he was born on April 1st…hmmm

I duno if SoloMarine cheats but he’s definately a total asshole.


Pluto, you do realize “Miyago No Throws” translates to “Throws of Miyagi”? :rofl:

SRK is good, and I’ve played him many many times. He really only plays CE, and it’s so damn slow, who cares if he’s using auto for it…you can just keep hitting the button yourself and produce the same result, due to slow gameplay. In fact, now that I think about it, he joined in on a 3-way ST game once that I recall, and didn’t do very well (not bad, he just obviously wasn’t familiar enough with the game). He’s always amiable towards me, and we each have our good and bad days…nothing suspicious as far as I’ve seen.

Solo Marine: I don’t like to accuse anybody of auto, just cuz there’s no way for absolute proof, but I will regale you with a tale. I usually just avoid his game cuz he’s such a douche, but one time I did beat him the first game, and he says “okay, now I’ll start playing”. The first game wasn’t bad gameplay on his part, but magically consistency, comboing, and everything elses seemed to increase tenfold from the second game on…

btw, that’s one of my many pseudonyms, which I use when I don’t feel like being ID’d by idiot kaillera kiddies…and I can assure you I don’t use auto. Any time you’d like to join my hosted game, or host a game for me to join and do the input test, I will gladly show you first-hand what happens when I press the “mode” button on my pelican stick. Two buttons go to constant on, and the rest either go to constant off or get re-mapped.

Here is a trick I sometimes use, it’s not always full proof, but occasionally you can catch someone off guard.

As soon as you suspect someone might be using auto-fire, quickly hit F2 and go into the INPUT menu. This menu is (you guessed it) for testing the buttons and joystick input. So, quickly ask the other player to hold down 1 of their buttons (such as jab).

Obviously, if they have Turbo on, the button will flicker like mad.

Now, what a lot of cheaters will do is try to fool you by holding down all the buttons at once to show there is no auto fire. This does not mean that they aren’t using auto fire. Because, in MAME, you have 8 mappable buttons in Street Fighter Games, the 6 regular attacks + 3 PUNCH and 3 KICK.

So, if someone ends up hitting all 3 punches or all 3 kicks at the same time on that test menu, you know something is probably fishy.

Also, if someone asks “why,” I just immediately boot them because they are trying to buy time to toggle off their auto fire.

Now, for MACROS, I like to see if players will switch characters.

This is how I know that Ryu1999 uses a programmable controller. For about a week a few months back, I continuosly played him on different days under different names. Each time that I beat him, he would either keep the same character or switch to a character with similar move commands.

For example in Super Turbo:

Day 1, I join and he is playing with Zangief and doing all the rising spinning pile drivers and shit with ease. So, I beat him and he then switches over to T. Hawk and does virtually the same shit. Because, Zangief and T Hawk both have the 360 and the Shoryuken move commands. Also, both have the 3 punch command.

Day 2, He is playing with Ryu. I win and he switches to Ken. I win again and he switches to Sagat.

So, I called him out on this board and said that I have played him on different days and that I have seen him play with every character in Super Turbo and you are always able to pull off any move anytime and you never seem like the latency bothers your timing. So, you either use a program controller or you are just that good. So, play me one more time and we will go down the line and have someone else from this board sit in and watch. If you can consistently play with every character in the game as you have been doing, then I will come on this board and admit I am wrong and eat crow.

His response was, something like he might be off that day and not be able to pull off a move with some of the characters and then I would say he cheated.

The dude is a cheater, there is no doubt. He always plays it off that the moves in Super Turbo are so easy to pull off that he doesn’t need macros, then when I give him a chance to prove it, he comes off with some crap about him being off that day.

you sicken me.