CC's for A-groove sagat

I just stated to work A-groove and I wanted to know can any one help me with Sagat CC’s?

C.Fierce x 4, C.Roundhouse, High tiger Cannon.

think you

good looking out!

[cr. Rh, st. fierce x2, roll] repeat brackets, super

Anti air

activate, [strong tiger uppercut x2, whiff short tiger knee, strong tiger uppercut, st. fierce, whiff short tiger knee], repeat brackets until corner…

In corner:
st. fierce, whiff cr. short, [sj RH x2, sj fierce] x2, high tiger shot super.

you can get another standing fierce after the c rh

so it should read c hp x 4 c hk s hp xx high tiger shot

heh the ole ghetto CC of doom

heh it sounds looks and even FEELS ghetto as fuck but damn
this shit does like 7000 :eek:

also you can CC after any fierce TU near the corner just hp tiger crush after the cc and if that gets them to the corner you can get in a normal ghetto corner CC to super for a okay bit of damage (a little less then 7000 usually)

they gotta be no more then 3-4 character lengths from the corner

and even if there not you can always do the WTF??? CC thats hp tiger upper cut xx activate hk tiger crush xx high tiger cannon for like 4000 damage^_^

heh its ghetto and very WTF inducing but its free :lol: