Categorys System/Design Suggestion

On the Discourd side there are examples of other Discourd Forums and this one

is something we should try to get here too.

Each Game has its Own Dominant Kategory Seperated by the Logo and Color Bars for each Game.
In these Game Categorys there are Sub Cagegorys for the different themes.

The SfV one on this Board for Example Could need a Sub Category for the Char Threads. Same Applies to DBFZ or other Main Kategorys.

Each Game Category seems to be able to even have Seperate Background, thats a nice Touchup and would make this whole Forum look not so Bland. Its a forum for Video Games…clean styles can be nice too with grey/white ect but a bit more color doesnt hurt in my eyes. I would like this forum go into a similar direction the gearbox forum goes.

The main boards should be treed by series.

Street Fighter:

King Of Fighters

Mortal Kombat

That would clean up the games a lot, actually.