Casual's at the hotel

will anyone be hosting any casuals at the hotel, during that week of EVO. ill be checking in wednesday and be looking for some practice runs before the tourney!?:cool:

if any rooms are going to be doing it let a bro know!

Yeah, I want some info on this for sure, someone let us know!

Same here.

Same here, I haven’t heard much.

If you’re here early and no casuals are going down at the Caesar’s, may I recommend checking out Game Over_ on Desert Inn & Nellis (about a 10-15 minute drive from the strip). Chill place where the Vegas players go to get casuals in.

I think this needed a bump. I’m coming in tomorrow night and I’ll be looking for games all of thursday. Do people wanna post up who’s playing inside of Caesars on thursday?

Chwck the forums On Thursday for more info! And please check your PM’s for room numbers!

I’d love to get in on casuals on thursday :slight_smile:

Is there going to be 360’s?

I’d like to know too please; I’ve been on vacation touring the states and haven’t played the game in more than 2 weeks so I’d like to play :). I’m already in Vegas but I don’t have a car so it might not be easy to hit Game Over but will see if anybody sets up games at Caesar’s or anywhere close.

Let me get a PM if theres casuals going on.

my boyfriend and I brought two set ups; ps3 and 360. We’re here already at the caesars, augustus part of the hotel.

PM if interested.

PM me like today because I’d love to be in on the casuals, but I won’t have internet in Vegas, so I’ll give you my phone number that you can text.

Meh I’ll be in Vegas tomorrow so I’ll be up for some casuals if I don’t crash from lack of sleep :tup:

im already here. im at the palace tower. everyone send me a message, i would love to get sum runs in with some humans instead of artificial intelligence -_-"

I’m at caesars now hit me up at 516 282 4567 for hdr casuals.

If people want to play casuals in their room, I have one Xbox360 and one PS3 that I can bring over. Just PM me if interested.

Yeah me too, I will be bringing my PS3 that can be used if someone wants to host, I’m in Flamingo’s so I can’t host because it’s not convienent, but I can provide the console, my PS3 has HDR and MvC2, and I’m bringing SSF4, Tekken 6, and even SC4. PM me if you’re wanting to host.

Ill be in Vegas around 6pm on thursday… A PM would be great… Ill have 2 360 TE Sticks and a possible set up for 360.

I’ll be in Vegas Thursday around 8pm. Leaving my place by 10am. I’d love to get some casuals in. Just PM me by this morning, and I’ll PM my number back so you can text. I’ll be offline in Vegas, so no way to check messages once I leave in the morning.