Casual (not to be mistaken for n00b) Street Fighter Players

This is one of my first public posts. I used to post a lot in my local area’s community thread, but life has moved me away from the possibility of being involved in in-person events. I’m hoping this goes out to like minded people that may find themselves in a similar situation.

I come to srk on a daily basis and browse the character forums for super street fighter daily. The community here is unrivaled in their passion for enhancing themselves, and the general strength of its members. I don’t play with the intensity a lot of the top tier players here play with, so i try to know my limits when it comes to getting more engaged with some of the deeper discussions.

What i can relate to though is the common ground we all share for our love of fighting games. I grew up playing street fighter 2 (and all of its revisions) at my local put put course every summer. It finally hit on super Nintendo and that was it for me. At that point, like many of you know all too well, i realized what gaming COULD be.

Street fighter iv dropped, and so did my ability to be REALLY committed to gaming. I have a 1 year old, a fairly busy work schedule, and lots of bills to pay. These things don’t stop me from playing. They just limit me.

I’m hoping to reach out to people who may be in similar situations. Anyone who doesn’t want to just play random matches when they get time to play, but with other people who want to take full advantage of the time they have to play as well. The idea is to able to get involved with members of such a great community without having to worry about getting ripped on for not being as leveled up, but supported for WANTING to level up as much as you can with the time you have. I know I’ll never be among the best at this game, but like many people out there, i try my damnedest to not be among the worst.

Am I all alone here?

Gamertag: itolerateyou

i’ll add you tonight man great post

awesome man! can’t wait to get some games in.