Castlevania: Lords of Shadow thread

PS3 owners should update the game when prompted to install a patch that will prevent your saved data from being deleted.

Decent EXP grind stages-

Chapter 5-2


When you are in the area with the Ghouls, seal the first 2 holes. The 3rd hole will have 5 ghouls coming out at once. Each ghoul gives off 50 EXP. You can quickly and easily kill the ghouls using the R2/Grab button

Getting Dark Crystal fragments-
The best stage for this seems to be 5-1; there are area blocked by walls, break them down and you’ll find a purple aura. There are at least 3 in this stage.

Solving Pan’s puzzle-
Turn the bigger wheel Clockwise twice
Turn the smallest wheel Clockwise twice
Turn the middle wheel Clockwise once

To exit the last stage in Chapter 5, simply stand at the exit door, look at the switch, Activate Dark Magic and toss your daggers at the switch.

Solving the puzzle at the end of Chapter 6

[details=Spoiler]After defeating the Butched boss, you will advance to a large circular room with a giant knight and some skeleton warriors. After defeating them you will need to use your Light and Dark magics to open the exit.
Light the runes in this order from Left to Right-
Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Red[/details]

Solving the puzzles in Chapter 11-1

[details=Spoiler]The solution to the first puzzle is-
M (Virgo), 24th, The shape to choose is pretty easy from here

The 2nd puzzle requires to punch the tiles, from top to bottom these tiles are
Top- Up
2nd tier- Right
3rd tier- Left
Lowest- Down
Punch the tiles in the directions that match the diagram on the door.[/details]

Will think up of a subtitle later.
Just got the game an hour ago and started playing. So far I’m really enjoying it. The graphics and music are great, and the gameplay is pretty good, even tho the combat is like most current action games (sans a hit counter). One thing that I have trouble with tho is that the game doesn’t zoom in when you’re fighting enemies this can make it hard to counter or dodge some attacks.

I’m playing on Hard mode ATM, and so far the ‘hit and dodge’ tactic works the best against most enemies and the bosses.

Oh and I’m playing the PS3 ver. and you don’t have to install the game but it runs SMOOTH; no tearing or slowdown, no problems at all.

I’m almost done with Chapter 1 but it seems I may need to beat each ‘act’/stage of chapter 1 on Very Hard mode to get them 100% complete (because ATM they all seem to be 76% when I beat them :lol: )

Wait, Gamestops have this game in stock already?

No, my country just got the game earlier :V

Ugh, currently stuck at a rather interesting puzzle X3

BTW if you peeps liked the graphical/visual presentation of Uncharted 2, then you’ll love the visuals in this one.

is it another ridiculous combos over and over again, type of game?

The review over at made me not get this game :frowning:

Tizoc: I recommend you add that 11-minute trailer to your OP. Add a Dr. B quote too because he’s nigh invulnerable to all forms of offensive magic.

Err mind elaborating on that?

Well just finished Chapter 1-
[spoiler=]Boss fight against the Frost Titan was pretty cool, but there were some attacks that were difficult to avoid @@. That or I didn’t know how to dodge them correctly.
I just hope Zobek doesn’t end up being a traitor =
= I’d be OK if he died, but just not as a traitor[/spoiler]

Game got you so excited that you made a thread for it.

For a guy who signed up for a website’s forums, you really don’t like new threads.

I normally don’t buy games when they’re released but this is one where I’ll make an exception.

the review in question

why did it change your mind? they still say its a great game despite its foibles.

The game looks good, might get it when I get my PS3. If you’re going to watch the GT review, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS! Someone spoiled the ending and people just keep quoting it while bitching about it.


I’d agree except I made at least a dozen new threads this year alone. I’m just messing with the guy.

I’m sad to say this, but I’m not impressed with the game after watching that review. More than likely, I will not buy it because of that review and because even if I bought it, I’d have no motivation to play it after the first few hours. After playing Demon Souls for 100+ hrs, a new bar of quality has been set which Castlevania may not meet.
The last thing I want to do is waste an hour of my time fumbling around in some game trying to figure out where I should go or what I should be doing…

That’s what the demo’s for.

Dr. B doesn’t have a demo. It isn’t needed.

your loss man this game looks awesoem.


People still give reviews from game publications weight? lol

^ You shouldn’t give reviews complete control over what you buy but you should keep what they say under consideration otherwise you have a chance of wasting money if it isn’t your cup of tea or what they say actually ends up being true.

Gamer: watches review and it gets a horrible score Man fuck what the reviews say I’m gonna buy the game anyway because none of the reviewers know what they’re talking about!
Gamer:goes and buys $60 game and plays for 4 hours Wow…there really are some horrible camera issues in this…

Why not? If multiple reviews are citing similar pros and cons, there’s a pretty good chance those pros and cons are real. Or if you happen to know a reviewer who thinks about his words and carries well-formed opinions based on reason.

Dr. B cannot be denied. <-- Subtext.

Lemme just get this out of the way and say that I’m not against reviews, like fan reviews which tend to be more in-depth. But, bs mainstream reviews no way.