Cases for....custom MK sticks?

I found a piece of art that I thought would look sick on for a custom MK stick. However, MK sticks arent very popular, even though I have a bad ass MK custom from

So, is there anyone that can make me a custom MK case?

Here is the artwork, so maybe it makes more sense:

Thanks in advance. :china:

just add another bottom by the thumb and reassign buttons when playing MK. That way, you can play other games as well or plug the hole in case you ever quit MK or want to play another game with the stick :slight_smile:

like this:


x = buttons
o = space

Oh, I know that. But I cant play MK like that. Its about the star shaped layout, and the way you position your fingers.

like this:

I see. I play some MK, SC, as well as SF so that setup was ideal for me.

I guess if thats the setup you’re looking for, you can always submit your request to case-makers or post up what you want in the trading outlet. There’s lots of talent here- so there shouldn’t be a problem requesting specific specifications.

I’m finishing up my first custom stick for playing Third Strike, I think if I make another stick it will be an adaptation of the MK2 arcade cab. I’ve always though it would look slick to use the original panel art and make the box frame black with red trim like the arcade cab, and the original stick/button colors.

A while ago ill do this for a friend:


very nice!:lovin:

Yeah that’s a nice MK Stick.