* Carolina Games Summit * - Goldsboro, NC - 2/6/2010 + $3,000 Online Scavenger Hunt

WHEN? Carolina Games Summit will be held Saturday February 6th 2010 10AM 9PM

WHERE? Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC.

WHAT? This years hybrid festival will again deliver industry speakers, video game tournaments, product promotions, exhibition booths, and educational sessions. Experience the latest games and compete against gamers from all over the country. Enjoy all your favorite platforms including arcade, computer, and console games with both tournament and free play options available. Between competitions speak with numerous game developers who will be exhibiting or speaking in live sessions throughout the day.

Visit www.CarolinaGamesSummit.com/tournaments.php for more information and to register online!

General Admission is just $10.00 and this covers access to the tournaments plus all the freeplay, speakers, exhibits, live bands, and special sessions you can handle.

Tournaments Include:

Street Fighter 4 <-- 64 player limit (I feel confident demand will allow me to grow this to a 128 player dedicated room event next year!)
Tekken 6
Blazblue <–Prizes Contributed by AKSYS Games
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Super Smash Brothers Brawl <— 128 Man Two Room 1000+ square foot Tournament!
and many more!

As most of you know we have a killer awards ceremony recognizing the winners in front of a huge audience of 400 fellow gamers, along with full color custom plaques for each tournament, medals, and prizes from our sponsors.

Feel free to purchase tickets now and be the first to register for tournaments! (they will all fill up the day of the event)

Tournament Rules Are Available in the Tournament Info Forum on our website. Please leave comments there if you have further questions.

$3,000 Online Scavenger Hunt Info

In anticipation of the 5th Annual Carolina Games Summit, The Escapist, media partner and platinum sponsor of the event, is hosting an online scavenger hunt with five prize packages from Dust-Off, VIBRAS Five.One, Hampton Inn, PNY, and mygamepax.com, totaling over $3,000.

The grand prize packs include one night in the official hotel, Hampton Inn. All five prize packs include tickets to the Carolina Games Summit and a selection of items from the official cleaning product provider Dust-Off, an official video card from PNY and an official 5.1 channel audio headset from VIBRAS Five.One. In addition mygamepax.com will customize one of their products for each of the winners.

Details on the individual prizes can be seen on The Escapist scavenger hunt landing page: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/contests/register/CGShunt

really. this is like the third thread for this shit.


needs more < 5 hit tourneys.

No, it’s the FOURTH thread.

Though it looks like all the previous ones were deleted?

What do they say? Fourth times the charm! Check out our full program which we just finished! Every attendee gets an 11" x 17" full color poster:

Poster Side

Schedule Side

After planning 5 of these events, I assure you all that this is by far the best. I know you have a lot of choices in events this weekend but I think you will be happy if you choose to attend ours!

Either way I am very happy to see the growth of the fighting scene of the last half decade! Everyone keep hosting great events!!

Looking forward to running this years Blazblue, Tekken 6, and Street Fighter 4 tournaments, but please sign up now because pre-registered spots are going quick!!!

ok guys and gals, I changed the location for all fighting tournaments to “WLC 203 & 206” which means you can now register for any of the 5 fighting tournaments you want no matter if they have are in different rooms or have time conflicts!

It will be your responsibility to not cause a time conflict until next year when I change the registration system to be time based not location based…

Smash Brothers is of course exempt from this exception. That darn tournament is so huge you have to basically dedicate your entire day to doing it and won’t have much time for anything else… Although the tournament director does have some cool ideas to handle all 128 people and allow them to know within 15 minutes or so when their next round will happen!

If only I could purchase those Restaurant Beepers! Darn ebay auctions always break 4 figures when you look up a 128 pager system, but I’ll be damned if that wouldn’t be cool!!