Carlito av please

I used to have a badass carlito av, but my friend got my password and changed my av, can someone make me a new carlito av or get my old one back?

“alrite! that’s cool!”

…but there’s 1 problem…since the file is png the files size is 22k. if you can convert the file to a gif w/o makin it fugly then hey…if not…fuckachunkz.

Awwww, thats a good pic too, but i dont know how to convert shit. i suck balzac.
Maybe one of samoa joe or something, if anyone is willing.
also, if it could say “i know cool, and you’re not cool” that would be badass.
thanks anyone who bothers

Here you go Olan. It’s small enough now.

You are the best, thankyou spooty

Thats what she said.

You so clever!