Carbon Fiber Shaft and Dustcovers are here Finally! check'em out

Hey guys if a mod could rename my original thread title I can’t figure it out in the new format either way check out the pics my the shaft and dustcovers I promised. custom molded real deal carbon fiber set

i dont know why but i dont like it

All you need now is carbon fiber print…

sorry maybe you will like the silver carbon ones I have planned better plus the pictures are not the best just a little better than phone pictures they look much better in person but each their own/diff strokes…you know what I mean lol

PRINT!!! I dont mess with that stuff. This is no vinyl print this the real deal Carbon fiber Molded perfection not that vinyl stuff and these are for people on the forum. that had request them from me its just on that stick for an example

How do we purchase?

I think its partly how the picture is taken. I think it looks good, but needs a better pic.

**RosserRooster, ** if you can find a friend with some decent photography skills, it may be worth it in helping sell your product :stuck_out_tongue:

This is coming from a freelance photographer :slight_smile: It looks great, just needs a new set of photos.

Well let me get the ones people pre-ordered out the door then contact the guys on the waiting list to see if their still interested then you will be next on my list cool

HEY watch how you speak about about my photography skills I have you know my 9th grade teachers said I did a hell of a good job with a pin hole camera of course that was like a decade ago. I’m blaming it on the my cheapo Kodak camera lol

I should be on the waiting list. Check the old thread :slight_smile:

im interested in purchasing a set… can i put on a list?

I meant for the top panel. Or you could make carbon fiber panel or full case o_0. I should really work on my wording…

yes and yes real carbon fiber top plates would not be hard. cases would be a little bit of work. people have made carbon fiber cases in the past you have never seen a carbon fiber hood? Carbon fiber is like fiberglass in how it can be molded

I pretty much figured out how versatile carbon fiber is when I saw violins made out of it. It would be very expensive to make a case though wouldn’t it?

The material its self cost a little more than most average supply’s the price more has to do with labor and you need to be familiar. Since carbon fiber is not cover with paint there is less room for error You also need to vacuum seal to get it right

Big Pockets did it. :sunglasses:

Is the shaft and dust cover a set or can we order one of the other? I’d like a dust cover…

I could’ve sworn I posted in this thread yesterrday. Anyway, PM me when you’ve got 2 sets (JLF & LS-32) of dust & shaft covers ready for me, thanks!

You are going crazy!

i pre-ordered in full awhile back when you originally posted the idea. will you be mailing me out my JLF set?

LOL! I didn’t know cuz my post in another thread was deleted yesterday despite the fact I didn’t violate any rules.

looks like the hole in the dustcover is too small. it should sit flat when the stick is moved and it can’t do that if it’s too tight.