Captain Marvel - Combo/Tech Thread

I’ll be maintaining and posting combo and tech information for Captain Marvel as the game goes on. I’ll routinely update relevant info found in the thread.
s. = standing
c. = crouching
d/df/f/uf/u/ub/b/db+ = direction
j. = jump
sj. = super jump
sh. = super hop (super jump then hold down)
qcf = quarter circle forward
qcb = quarter circle back
hcb = half circle back
xx = cancel into…
dash = direction+LP+HP or double tap direction

P = any Punch
K = any Kick
LP = Light Punch
LK = Light Kick
HP = Hard Punch
HK = Hard Kick

blitz = Blitz Blow (HP+HK)
flight = Flight (qcb+HP+HK)
absorber = Photon Absorber (dd+K)
blast = Photon Blast (qcf+P)
flurry = Strike Flurry (qcb+P)
takeoff = Take Off (hcb+K)
Binary = Binary Ignition (dd+LK+HK)
Power Blaster = Power Blaster (qcf+LP+HP)
Lvl 3 = Stellar Stream (qcb+LP+HP)

Fly Loop = while flying (xx f/uf.dash, j.HP)
Key Combo Pieces
Captain Marvel has a lot of options as far as combo pieces you can swap in and out, making her a very flexible character. This will be a brief on common pieces you’ll see.

[]Blitz Chains - After doing HP+HK, j.HP/j.HK/j.d+HP are your common go to for follow ups based on which combo your doing and what height. Here area few key examples
] …, blitz, slight delay, j.HP, land, c.HP, etc…
[] …, blitz, j.d+HP, j.HK, land, c.HK, etc…
] …, blitz, j.HP xx j.qcb+LP, land, c.HK, etc…
[] …, sj.HP xx blitz , j.HP, etc…
]Fly Loops - Her Fly Loops are simply hitting j.HP xx flight, j.LP, j.HP [xx uf.dash, j.HP] repeat. An interesting thing of note is that the amount of times you can do this is impacted by height and a few other factors. Most combos are fine mashing uf.dash, but additional hits can be added in by tossing in f.dashes as well. In most cases that end in ground enders, this is often more effort than it’s worth since you’ll have to reduce optimizing the ender for what is very little gain in meter and damage. For combos ending in the air however you can get more mileage. In most cases a basic launch can net about 8x dashes with the following pattern: f/uf, uf, uf, uf, f, f, uf, uf
[]Corner Carry pick up - This string is intended to carry opponents farther on hard knockdowns. Captain Marvel benefits greatly from corner enders and this can be very helpful in covering that distance: hard knockdown, c.LK, c.HK, f+HK. This will also work on ground bounces but can be more difficult. Sometime s.LK over c.LK may be more reliable in certain situations in the corner.
]OTG Ender - One of her two optimal ground enders is: c.HK, f+HP xx blitz xx Power Blaster. Based on the amount of hit stun scaling you may have to modify this. This is the order to adjust:
[] c.HK, f+HP xx blitz xx Power Blaster
] c.HK xx blitz xx Power Blaster
[] blitz xx Power Blaster
]Flurry Ender - The other optimal ender is to end with flurry(LP), long pause as you fall, j.HK xx flurry(HP), land, blitz xx Power Blaster. If scaling is too high omit the blitz.
[]Near Corner Air Ender - when landing a flurry(HP) in air, you can increase the damage by letting the opponent fall a bit closer off the bounce toward you. The closer they are, the more damage. This however can drop it at farther distances, so experiment.
]Connect lvl 3 Hyper - In order to land a lvl 3 hyper in optimized combos, you will need to rely on flurry(HP). Particularly the jumping version is a ideal. Make sure you have not already used a hard knockdown.
While s./c.LP lead to quicker hits, we’ll be starting most combos on df.LP and s./c.LK since these are buttons mostly likely used in her neutral and confirms. Some of these can be optimized slightly more, but for more effort and very little gain. The easiest optimizations involve adding additional Fly Loops by adding in f.dashes to remain lower. This can harm optimized enders, but can be good in enders that would be forced to do the minimal enders already. I’ll be keeping Fly loops to f/uf.dash, then repeat uf.dash outside of key situations where enough value warrants use. I’ll note damage and meter gain as well, keep in mind damage can vary heavily on distance, timing, and character. The meter posted is the total gained, not counting spent.

BnB 1

BnB 2

BnB 3

BnB 4

Ground/low Blitz Confirm

“Space Saver”

I’ll be double checking and adding more tomorrow. I did a lot of this from memory of todays labbing so a few might be wrong on the number of air dashes or correct ender (some may scale off, simply refer to the section that covers how to adjust). I’ll be making a strong effort to keep this updated frequently with optimal tech.

MVCI flight combos made easy (Explanation in the video description)

On a side note I noticed that doing a diagonal Blitz Rush close to the ground will cause you slide along the ground afterward. This moves you extremely quickly an whichever direction you choose, but beware, the recovery frames are terrible. But could be a good way to back off and tag in another character.

[quote=“tataki, post:3, topic:183698”]

MVCI flight combos made easy (Explanation in the video description)


I actually use a mapped button for dashing and just mash it. I’m trying to find a situation to use the versions with multiple dashes, but currently they’re unoptimal. Only combos with 2-3 have been practical. Perhaps in air to air confirms?

Yeah It is probably very bad forward, but the back concept isn’t bad.

Ok went through and confirmed things in lab, omitted a few sub par combos, added some new optimizations, and edited the part on explaining fly loops. I’ll be labbing more confirms next. Give it another look through, there were a few mistakes with them last time so if you had problems try them out now.

Another thing I’m working on is a unique movement tool she has with air dash cancelling with LP while flight. A video recently surfaced of this and I’ll be adding that tech in too. For now if you’re curious, do: flight, dash, j.LP, dash, any atk button. I highly recommend using directional taps to dash and not P+P for this. It’s fairly easy to do a consistent and comfortable spam rhythm with this with a little practice. Basically she will remain flying after j.LP and be able to dash again very quickly. Try: super jump near grounded opponent, flight, f.dash, j.LP, b.dash, j.HP xx blitz, blitz confirm combo… Lotta good mix up potential with this.

I think you’ve kinda over-complicated all this bruh

here’s a combo that works anywhere in the screen, off any starter, on any character… and I think it does more damage than what you’ve posted. it definitely does more damage than anything FChamp has found so far

Yeah, but the thing about flight combos is they don’t use wall bounce, ground bounce, or otg, which makes them a lot more flexible for setups or for tag extensions. Also I think you can’t combo into lvl. 3 if you use your ground bounce in your combo? Hasn’t been working for me anyway.

[quote=“TMNTemps, post:7, topic:183698”]

I think you’ve kinda over-complicated all this bruh

here’s a combo that works anywhere in the screen, off any starter, on any character… and I think it does more damage than what you’ve posted. it definitely does more damage than anything FChamp has found so far


The point of posting all these combos is to cover different pieces she has to play with for others to experiment with and for situations that change. A classic example is launching early to dodge a a punish from the other character versus doing a normal early blitz combo.

You’re only beating out damage because you’re starting with a h.HK/j.HP as well as previously mentioned you’re using all your bounces, hard knockdowns, etc… limiting your enders greatly. I think you may be confusing the intent of multiple versions of each combo. You can always do the far corner version, but the others are for optimizing purposes the closer you are to the corner. It’ll come in hand having these variations when putting tag ins into effect.

I need to test blitz in air before hyper. I completely forgot about that when I labbed.

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MVCI flight combos made easy (Explanation in the video description)


You don’t really need to piano. The input priority means that if you press LP+HP during a dash, you will just get HP instead.

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Nope. I tested it off all starters (including her absolute weakest starter which is raw c.LK - first combo in the vid), and it’s stronger than anything anyone else has posted that I’ve seen so far, and definitely the simplest, as you never need to change it no matter who you are playing or where you are. HSD is pushed to its max at the end of the combo. So is scaling. You actually do less damage ending the combo in HP flurry xx super than body attack xx super. I also have a stronger version that is not any screen position/any character but we are talking ~100 damage more at that point. You need solo combos sometimes too…

in your combos you also shouldn’t end with HP flurry. it bounces them out to midscreen. LP flurry leaves them in the corner, LP flurry plinked with Dante tag, hold back, dash back once into million dollars will cover all recoveries with a meaty super, tag back to Marvel for mixups. HP flurry you can’t cover the forward roll.

I’ve been messing around with Dante extensions because he has some of the highest if not the highest no meter damage in the game but the combos are dropping at weird points off Marvel, when those same drops don’t happen if you do the same combo off of Ultron or Jedah. I don’t understand why quite yet. Also saving bounces late in a combo is no guarantee you will be able to do the extension anyway. KDs, OTGs, wallbounce/ground bounce are not immune to hitstun deterioration unlike mvc3

nope, my combo won’t lead to lvl3 on a solo Marvel combo. It only needs a small tweak to get to optimal for that ender and you can make the decision to take the lvl3/tag route relatively late in the combo but I’m still working on that branch before I post it.

I don’t like the fly combo route because the game will limit it so you just can’t dash sometimes based on the amount of damage you have done so far… you need to practice off every starter and calculate how much damage you are doing before a tag to Marvel or that combo will drop when you don’t expect it… either that or you leave a bunch of damage and more importantly meter gain on the table. I see it being an early game trend that’ll go away before long, for this character at least. Marvel probably has a normal jump loop I’m still trying to find which is better than any flight option

tag extensions all depend what character you are tagging to. Dante you want your bounces, Thanos or Dorm don’t care.

[quote=“TMNTemps, post:7, topic:183698”]

I think you’ve kinda over-complicated all this bruh

here’s a combo that works anywhere in the screen, off any starter, on any character… and I think it does more damage than what you’ve posted. it definitely does more damage than anything FChamp has found so far


Try this, you may find it easier to do without dropping and it carries from corner to corner

doesn’t hit HBDs, uses the OTG super early, combo route makes you decide right at the beginning if you are going to tag or lvl3 and then the whole thing has to change, the building blocks aren’t useful for weirder conversions… ehhh

if marvel 3 taught me anything its that you should use the same combo for as much as possible, and put off deciding on your ender as long as possible

So I gave your combo a test drive and it’s a long list of pros and cons. On the good note, this is one of the better non-corner enders…however in the corner it’s not the best options as it does less damage, gains less meter, and is quite limited on ending options. So I’ve been playing with it and made an improvement as there was merit to it.

s.LK, s.HP, s.HK, f+HP xx blitz, j.HP, land, j.HP, j.d+HP xx blitz, j.HP, j.d+HP xx uf.dash, j.HP xx flight, j.LP, j.HP, uf.Fly Loop(x2), j.d+HP…***hyper or flurry ender if in corner.

This combo is better for a few reason:
[]Does more damage and meter gain
]You should be doing the early string in most cases as it is a solid confirm string and doesn’t affect the combo
[*]This can change the ender and doesn’t waste ground bounce.

So why is the ender so important? Tag outs and set up. Ending in the air is usually bad as your tag in follow up is usually worse and you likely have a worst set up after the fact. I use gamora and I can actually tag her out at the end to get her better Hyper ender. Starting with the combo above at ‘***’: j.flurry(LP), switch (Gamora), s.HP, s.HK xx dd+HP, s.HP xx qcf+LP, qcf+PP, switch (Marvel), j.LK, j.HP, j.HK, land, s.HP, s.HK xx blitz xx Power Blaster.

You get ALLLLLL that from choosing a better ender. More damage and a lot better meter. Also to be noted you said fluury(HP) winds up midscreen, that’s not true. the air version does not side switch and in the flurry neder puts you in the corner with them. Plus you can make the choice late in combo on how you want it to end as it’s much more flexible.

Also damage doesn’t impact fly loops…it’s height. Weird I know. but if your set up into flight is the same way, you should be the same height and not have to account for different confirms.

The problem with this is that is requires the fly loop. Novril’s combos were designed specifically to not require that.

True, but you should be using fly loops. They’re actually very easy to learn since they’re mashable (i have a dedicated dash button for it!) and you can make simple edits for ease of use. You could make every combo simply 2x uf.loop or 3x uf.loop, skip the d+HP and make life easier. There’s too much lost with his version though with the way this game plays. He’s claiming it’s a solid universal combo yet it lacks in areas. However it certainly has some great ideas and I’m working on other uses for it.

Slight edit to my previous gamora extension, I edited out the “fall, j.HK xx flurry(HP),” didn’t mean to add that part.

alright… I just got this game and I have no idea which combo to learn first xD

I watch F.Champs CM and he does those HP loops. are these her got to BNBs or should I start with something else?

you might as well practice everything. even that flight loop isn’t perfect for Marvel, she can do j.HP j.d+HP air dash… repeat

the first combo I found was something like

launch, j.HP j.d+HP air dash forward j.HK c.HK f+HP c.HP then some kind of ender.
I think the first one I used was j.HP j.d+HP xx blitz blow j.HP aduf j.LP j.LP j.HP xx super

but these combos where we confirm off blitz blow to pop them up into the air instead of launch with c.HP are closer to optimal so you should practice them too

that ground string has no lows in it and s.HP also whiffs on small or crouching characters unless you are point blank… when I played Mags you always used slide to end a ground string to make sure you were getting good contact, imo Marvel is going to end up the same way

dude if you are in the corner and end with HP flurry, they do end up in the middle of the screen. you don’t side switch… until they forward tech and end up behind you because you have to double or triple wave dash back to keep corner position. LP flurry leaves them tucked into the corner and does practically the same damage at that point anyway. I think HP flurry is mostly better if you are trying to setup Dormammu charges or something along those lines

try c.HP j.HP add j.HP, land, jump j.HP aduf j.HP xx fly combos with Ultron. you’re at the same height as you would be at after c.HP j.HP aduf j.HP xx fly but you will only get 4 reps of the flight loop instead of 6…

Captain Marvel’s better fly loop is [j.HP j.d+HP aduf] x repeat too

I might have enough free time tonight to record the optimal Cap Marvel corner combo. still no flight loops involved


just checked,

the combo with all the grabs drops off certain starters. too many buttons in your ground series, j.LK add j.LK, j.d+HP j.HK will make it drop or you have to cut it short. it is the strongest combo off jump heavy buttons if you replace the last grab xx super with blitz attack xx super by 60 damage otherwise it does a bit less for some reason.

pwnstar’s combo does way less damage if you end it early. the LP flurry, falling HK xx flurry ender is … i dunno about that one. but you get an extra 30 or 40 damage

Hey guys,

What’s the ceiling for 1bar combos with Carol as of now?

This is the BNB I’m using, it got 6834. It’s consistent from any confirm, and mantains the damage above 6.4K, being the least damage of a confirm is from a blitz-blow, and it goes for 6401. Didnt record from her slide, but it deals 6.5K.

If I had the power surge instead of reality, I think it would have gone even higher, but still, hope it helps.