"captain corridor" reset?

a friend of mine told me about akuma being able to do a reset taht’s un-parriable… something like…

hurricane, land, jab, xx, ddd+pp

any1 have a video of it? i don’t use akuma, and he’s a newb. i’ve never seen this… any help here?


nah man u can’t do it…it’s actually akuma’s assist. He’s the only character in the game that can call upon Ryu/Ken’s teacher (forgot his name) to do the column super. It’s unparriable during the start lightning but u can parry the latter waves. You can only summon the assist after you have 2 levels and you can do it by d,d,d+pp (not 3 p’s).

i was being serious. i know how to do it, and i did say ddd+pp, not 3p’s. i’m sorry for not knowing the technical name for it.

:lol: :wtf:

Geese, you know Akuma has that reset :lol:.


if i recall correctly, it’s in one of Mopreme’s vids. i think it’s the one with the crazy combos that aren’t likely to be used in “real” matches. and yeah, it’s anything into short Tatsumaki -> close s. jab -> KKZ (Kongou KokuretsuZan or however it’s spelled :lol:).


arite, thanks a lot

Yeah thats jab into the KKZ, real bitch to do unless you practice it a lot, really not worth the damage, more of a flashy combo, had the vid but erased it.

Actuallly it is worth the damage, since you get 8 out of 9 possible hits of the super on shotos at least, and the damage is reset for the super.
So you get 80+ points of damage from the KKZ + however long your Hurricane chain was.

We’ve already got a huge post on this, it’s “Akuma and the KKZ”

You guys make it sound hard but it’s not :karate:

i try to upload a 800k video… but i get an excede quota error -.-

:qcb: + :lk:, :lp: xx :d: :d: :d: :3p:

lp is reset but it needs to be cancelled into kkz
this is the original video name:
12-13-2003 UCLA 3s Frankie3s vs JRrodriguez.wmv

sorry the english :encore:

what does the xx stand for??? I see it everywhere but don’t know what its for

XX stands for cancel/superjump cancel/etc., super cancel, etc. basically IMMEDIATELY do the next maneuver.

and the question that’s been asked a ton of times…

is raging demon of any value?