Capsule Entertainment INVENTORY SALE! (updated 3-11-15)

Capsule Entertainment inventory sale + more. Message me if interested.

PS3 consoles:
PS3 Slim 160GB system + all cables — $120
PS3 Fat 80GB + all cables — $100 (SOLD OUT)
PS Vita Black + 4GB Memory Card , all cables — $160 (SOLD OUT)

**PS3 Games: **
Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 — $15
The King of Fighters XIII — $20 (SOLD OUT)
Street Fighter X Tekken — $10 (SOLD OUT)

Super Street Fighter IV — $10
SoulCalibur V — $10

PS3 Bundle:
PS3 Slim 160GB w/ controller + all 5 PS3 games listed — $180 (SOLD OUT)

Madcatz Street Fighter IV multi-console modded custom arcade stick — $100
(SOLD AS-IS since it may need new parts, compatible with PS3, Xbox360, PS2, Wii & Gamecube)

Updated prices 3/11/15

Just wanted to give you a shout out Joe. Guys who put in so much work for the community, over such a long period of time, are really rare. Good luck with your new venture, and hope that it becomes a FGC outpost soon!