Cape Town FGC (South Africa)

I’m SAPhoenix, a fighting game enthusiast and tournament organiser from South Africa. I run a popular annual fighting game tournament in Cape Town (Cape Town Showdown) as well as weekly sessions for our regulars.

This thread will serve as a hub for all fighting-game related info pertaining to the Cape Town fighting game community in South Africa.

We don’t have a large scene but we are fully committed to developing our local community. We’ve recently started doing live streaming so that people can see what we’re all about and what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re a close-knit group and, even though our level of play is not on par with that of other international players, we’re trying our level best to ensure that it eventually reaches that point. Our group comprises a multitude of really talented players and we play pretty much everything!

If you’re from the Cape Town area and would like to join our scene, or if you’re interested in attending our events, please hit us up at

We currently stream on Youtube as isn’t a feasible option for us, given our abysmal internet connectivity options. Streaming on Youtube allows us to adjust our quality settings to accommodate as many viewers as possible.

Feel free to check out our live streams and archives at We stream every Saturday at approximately 1pm (11am GMT).

Here are our most recent archives:

MKX tournament

**USF4 grudge matches and some random JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: ASB **

Archives of our most recent Cape Town Showdown tournament.


Part 2 (Finals)