Capcoms's Comic-Con HF Tourney

Pretty decent turnout to play HF on the 360. It has a training mode

1st - Mike Watson - Ryu/Blanka
2nd - Jason Cole - Dhalsim/Sagat

Beyond that I don’t know the rest, hopefully wizard/seth can show up and post the rest.

Derek Daniels

Well I hope s-kill/wizard put that I was in 5th place :)! so just remember

5th Rodchan Balrog/Ken

w00t Great games to all the people i played

first off, thanks for running the tourney, and thanks for the xbox360. secondly, this game is not 100% arcade perfect. why? who knows… cole knows what im talking about, anyways

3rd - darren zimmerman
4th - frank kwang

gg’s to everyone, hope you all had fun playing this version of SF. keep the scene alive,


gosh damnit. I left my house early enough to get there but was in 2 hours of traffic, didnt get to the place till 2 pm =[. WATSON i was comin fo you!

3rd - Darren Zinmann :wink: (my good friend)

Congrats to the top 5! Heard the game has serious issues with controller setups, saved settings, etc? Well, guess a tournament is as good a place to beta test as any. :looney:

lol mike ross, you aint old to hang with me in HF!!! btw, i got to the tourney at 2 also, HAH, so no excuses dogg. wanna play some ST?


ST this week bitches?? Ross and Watson you guys down? Weds and Fri im down

Where you guys wanna play ST at? If its at a reasonable place me and the HSF SD crew might wanna come down…Hit us up mistic/Watson

watson, congrats on winning bro and I was surprised that you had signed up for this tourny thinking that the majority of peeps (some not all) that signed up were scrubs from the game play I saw. Other than that, I was playing casuals using guile, ryu & blanka but was only there until 3pm hence me not signing up. nevertheless, gg to eveyone whom I might have played.

yo im down for some ST! Watson? MtsacKid? RoD?

<----In SD, if you guys can setup something that isnt too far away for us to play, might be able to get like 2 or 3 guys to come up and play ST…get cole up in this piece too!

HSF SD crew in the hizzie!!! Darren will definitely be down, and we might be able to get Frank out of the house, too. :wgrin:

I’d like to play some ST as well. The only working machine I know of is at cal poly pomona. I think UCLA might have one too, but I haven’t been there in a while.

No ST machine at UCLA. We used to have one a year or two ago, but no more unfortunately.

Well if we can get enough people…maybe I can ask a couple of people to setup a HSF practice session in SD…hopefully if we can get enough peepz, we can get some good matches in before EVO

Wow, this suck. Watson what things about this port to you were not arcade perfect?

If it?s a few small things then that?s cool. I can see the HF scene get a huge boost thanks to this port.

Congrats on getting first place.

there is a glitch where if dhalsim slides at guile with short, you cannot wait to block the short then do counter blade kick. it wont allow the blade kick to come out. and if you just do a blade kick as a guess that dhalsim will do a short, sometimes the short just hit the blade kick clean while blade kick animation does come out. this is confirmed during tourney play and cole is my witness. btw, thanks for the congrats :slight_smile: SD crew, hope to play you guys sometime soon, distance is pretty far, but we all drive :slight_smile:


The game is redone from the arcade version, so they had to build this from the ground up, same with all the Xbox Live Arcade games from my understanding.

Good shit to watts… Mi papa gano el dinero por la familia!

Congrats Mike. Wow, I wish someone had recorded this. Not only the first HF tourney since prolly 94, bu only the 2n ever official Capcom tourney. Must have been great to see…damn, I wish I could have seen Mike playing in an HF tourney 12years on from reading abt his exploits on the Game Pro HF guide…
If anyone could give a breakdown of some of the action in the HyperFighting thread, we’d really appreciate it.

You think you may be able to record some matches now you have a 360 Mike?