Capcom vs. SNK 3 Idea Thread

First of all, anybody who decides to read this i thank you because im trying to get in to the game industry. Even though i know its not all fun and games. And that the companies are very ruthless about crushing the competition. But i have the ideas, the heart, and the will to make the best games for the public. I have been already taking classes for media tech/media animation got my credits, and i am ready for any technology college that comes my way. You give me your opinions on this fictional idea. Because this will show me that i at least stand a chance in this dog eat dog industry. I believe i can make it though i grew up in the low class part of my town. I would not say the ghetto. because my parents get paid pretty well, and i have a fuckin hoe ass but wonderful family what else could a nigga want for support. so any body on srk holla at me. Street Fighter is my fav game of all time, and since some of the developers left Capcom they can’t really do good on the SF area. I feel they should get some new developers, and start from scratch once again.

Capcom vs. SNK 3: Blood to Victory or…
Capcom vs. SNK 3: Enlightenment of the Fists or…
Capcom vs. SNK 3: Pain for Evolution

Or u could give me your ideas. Ill be editing alot so keep my brain hot. Yes, the game is in 2d ignore the ex part of it. its just a gauge.

New Grooves and old ones
SFA-Super Combo Gauge (tactical recovery like alpha 3. u will roll to the other side of the screen)
SFA-Custom Combo Gauge
SF3-Parrying (now comes with Red Parrying) im not sure bout the red parrying i might take it off since this is CvS.
SFEX-Tag System Gauge (Akira suckes ass with SFEX3 so i decided to make where even EX gauge is acceptable to real :rolleyes: capcom standards. This gauge is risky because it can only be used once, and you take a bit more damage than a regular character would. When u execute it u do your tag super which takes off 5%percent more than a lv.3 S-groove super. Also u can use the break guard attack which is very slow, and u can be hit out of it. If u time it right it can be useful, and even if u hit the opponent u will have lag time afterwards so u should master this groove before u take it out for a test. I hope u all like this idea if not tell me what i should edit. Red parrying cannot stop the guard break attack. The Capcom’s S-Groove if u will.
SFA3-X-ism rebirth-It’s basically the same but your regular attacks, and guard gauge are increased. One super choice for each character.

Ill continue later.

No offense but you should really post this in the Fighting Game Discussion Forum.


no tag system it takes out the whole king of fighters influence. i say keep the gaming the same but add more stages more countries and more and better characters, like andy, galford, Adon, ibuki, DJ, yang, felcia, and charlie

I say add Freeman, Tizoc, Goenitz, Jhun, Kim Jae Hoon(as well as Dong), Edge(CvS cameo doesn’t cut it!), Alex, Guy, Cody, Hugo, Megaman Zero, and Dark Sakura

Don’t forget- Orochi, Igniz, K9999, (maybe K), Orochi Kusanagi/clone…
Also for sure> Ultra Rugal, Shin Akuma, Shin Mr. Karate! <I would absolutely love to see these guys in it (with Orochi and Igniz)…Game play would be mental!
Could put Gill in there too…and evolve Evil Ryu a bit… hmmm who else…Violent Ken!!!

Lets hope you put these people in: Minakata Moriya (They put Hibiki in, but not Moriya??), Sean, Ibuki (They seriously neglected SF3 in the game), MegaMan (The Original), Andy Bogard (He’s not in many new fighting games anymore) and Yun and Yang as two different people please.

Don’t forget Leona! … I was mostly disappointed by her absence in CvS2… but in general I loved the game… I’d like a little more variation in the move styles though, even with SFIV capcom still mostly only uses a few different types of characters, charge, hado/DP, multi-hado, Circular and a few button-press and various combos of the above, what about adding KI’s jago-like a hold button, qcf, release? and a few Kof-like attacks, qcb, f, + button, (and/or vice versa) and especially something like Geese’s DB, QCB, DF, innovative motions, I guess the concept of double tap wouldn’t work since theres things like dashes that do that instead now…
oh as for a long list of other characters I’m happy to support adding (some many have been already mentioned by others above),
Capcom: Ibuki, Alex, Rose, Rikuo, Adon, Gen, Geki, Q (SF3), Dean (Final Fight 3), Cody, Guy, Carlos (Final Fight 2) Jedah, Fei Long, Ryoma (Power Stone), Captain Commando, Roy (Rival Schools), Tessa, Twelve, Abel, C. Viper, Necro, Pyron, Anakaris, Bishamon, Hsien Ko, Sonson, Victor, Sasquatch, Strider, Poison, EX Chun Li

SNK: Leona, Hanzo (Samurai Shodown one, although I wouldn’t complain about the world heroes one), Andy Bogard, Laurence Blood, Tung Fu Ru, Duck King, Blue Mary, Kensou Sie, Goenitz, Chris, Eiji, Tizoc, Goro Daimon, K’, Maxima, Kula, Ash, B. Jenet, Ramon, Angel, Wolfgang Krauser, Jubei Yamada (Fatal Fury Special), Hotaru Futaba, Li Xiangfei, Mudman (World Heroes), Rasputin (World Heroes), Brocken (World Heroes), Dio (World Heroes) EX Kyo, EX Mai Shiranui…

Other ideas for Grooves, D-Groove Damage Recovery, 5xLevel Storage (Darkstalkers Based)… F-Groove Extra Plane/Stage Boundaries, 3xLevel Storage (Fatal Fury Based), an X-Groove, from SF Alpha’s X-Ism??

Characters I wouldn’t cry over if Dropped:
Haohomaru, Hibiki, Vice, Raiden, Maki, Dan, Balrog, Eagle

My idea for Capcom vs. SNK 3:

C-Groove is based on Street Fighter 2
A-Groove is based on Street Fighter Alpha
P-Groove is based on Street Fighter 3
S-Groove is based on King of Fighters Orochi Saga
N-Groove is based on King of Fighters NESTS Saga
K-Groove is based on Samurai Shodown and Last Blade

The Cast:
CAPCOM: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Charlie*, Edmond Honda, Blanka, Alex*, Dudley*, Sean*, Dhalsim, Zangief, Dan, Sakura, Cammy, Ibuki*, Balrog, Vega, Adon*, Sagat, M. Bison, Akuma, Morrigan, Demitri*, Strider Hiryu*, Yun, Yang*, Batsu*, Kyosuke, Hinata*, Guy*, Cody*, Rose*, Naki, Hugo*, Crimson Viper*, Eagle, Rolento, Thunder Hawk*, Necalli*, Laura*, Ingrid*, Rashid*, Juri*, Jill Valentine*, Hayato*, and Tessa*
SNK: Kyo, Terry, Mai, Kim, Andy*, Ryo, Benimaru, Daimon*, Robert*, Shingo*, King, Raiden, Joe, Yuri, Vice, Mature*, Takuma*, Yamazaki, Billy, Geese, Rugal, Iori, Nakoruru, Haohmaru, Hattori Hanzo*, Chang (with Choi as back-up), Jhun*, K’, Athena, Kensou, Ralf*, Clark*, Leona*, Kasumi*, Gai*, Vanessa*, Rock, Hibiki, Tizoc*, Yashiro*, Shermie*, Chris*, Goenitz*, Kula*, Fio Germi*, Kaede*, and Chizuru*

*new to the series

Anyone else you would like to see in the roster? Please let me know.