Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament in Clovis, Ca

Capcom vs SNK 2 Tournament

When: September 6th, Saturday
Where:PlaynTrade 1260 Shaw ave building 109 Clovis, Ca 93612 Right by Sierra Vista Mall behind the Movie theater
Time:Sign ups start at 12 pm till 1:30 pm Tournament will begin at 2:00 PMpre sign ups can be done from now till the day of the tournament. You can send an e-mail with your name/handle to as well as ask for better directions if needed

ENTRY FEE WILL BE $10 (price may change depending on the number of participants)

**This tournament will be runned on Multiple PS2’s . 8 setups comfirmed 1 big screen for finals. We recommend that your bring your own controller pad or joystick. **

Pretty basic, best 2/3 matches for winners and loosers brackets .Finals best 5/7 . NO GAME BREAKING GLITCHES, ROLL CANCEL ALLOWED

If all goes well we will be holding more tournaments again. Hope to get some out of town competition . See you there

Cool. I think you will get a better turnout if you add more games.

ya thats what i said… but im not the one that asked the store owener about it… im just posting up for a friend since he doesn’t have a srk account/ time to post. But if everything goes well next tourny will be bigger.

CvS2? Why not 3rd Strike. Lol.

I might show up Gib. So maybe, just maybe.

Anyone from Bay Area going? I’ll hook u up for gas.

you know i’d go gilbert, but i’ll still be in santa barbara at that time :sad:

Well Gnasty…most of us here in bakersfield are marvel players and some 3s (some i meant only me =\ )

sounds good. Ill see if john b., VasAzian, and myself can make it!


This be easy money for out of towners since there’s no one good in Fresno i think.

you should post this in pac north also

cool sounds good ram… and yuber as for your comment, i hope u come bring your friends come see the “secret” players in fresno… You will not be disappointed :badboy:

well as i told 2000_ watts … if this tourny is successful then the next one will have more Games … mvc2, 3s, st etc…

Secret players? There’s nobody in Fresno that i haven’t played before back when it was very popular. So i’m pretty confident that i can beat most of you guys with the exception of a couple of players here and there, and quite frankly your NOT ONE OF THEM!

lol… i know im not… cvs2 is not my game, i was going to enter just to support it.

how many people are expected to go so far? its around my side of town, maybe i’ll show up.

tournament’s today! good luck fellas

it’s chantha in da house! ^.^V
here’s the tourney bracket: (it was folded and put into my pocket. sorry for it lookin crappy.)

1st = Lee
2nd = 357Kyo (sorry steven. i couldn’t fix it on the paper.)
3rd = HG

there was a total of 10 entrants. here’s the other 7:

G Nasty

@yuber: who are you? you should’ve come and money match people you think that you can win against. from my point of view, it’ll just be easy extra money from you. well, since you didn’t show, it’s all good. now you can just keep dreaming.


hahaha master lee comin through gj