Capcom VS ArkSys

So Ive been running this idea through my head over and over, and I just had to share my thoughts. I know a lot of you have probably wanted this game. Capcom and Arksys are the two biggest names in 2D fighting games. The companies both seem to both have an eye for perfection, and are constantly trying to revolutionize the genre. So wouldnt it be natural for Capcom to add Arksys to their Versus series, as they did to their once rivals SNK? Im a thinker, and Ive been pondering this game in my head for a while. Not on who would make an appearance, we all know that. Capcom would bring the usuals from Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, plus a few non fighters for fan service, and Arksys would bring the most popular and diverse characters from Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. No, what Ive been thinking of is how the game would work? While the two share a lot of traits, they are also very different. From button layouts, meters, defensive abilities, even tagging, the two are very different, but hold a few of the same traits. Im not trying to run you down with a bunch of Wouldnt this be awesome if, Im just trying to get the fans opinions on the matter. Im not going to be talking about characters, but more mechanics and layouts.

The arcade game would have a 3 on top and one on bottom layout, similar to BlazBlue or CvT. The game would play 1 on 1, dropping the emphasis on tag team. I know some people would get pissed at this, but I think that the characters of Capcom and especially Arksys are unique enough to not need that mechanic. The other reason is that the game would let you reintroduce groves. When you select a character, you then select your groove, either Cap or Ark. Each one would have a few moveset differences, different meters, and layouts.
Cap Groove
-Super Meter at the bottom of the screen which can be filled up to 3. Supers take usually take up one bar.
-Mega Crash would take up 3 bars and break any attack or combo of the opponent.
-A long Guard meter would line up under the health. As the player blocks, it depletes, and guarding becomes less effective. As the player attacks, it refills.
-The top three buttons are Light, Medium, and Heavy, while the single bottom button is the characters Focus Attack based on Street Fighter 4. This is unique to every character.
-Baroque from CvT is available.
Ark Groove
-Tension Gauge at the bottom of the screen. Fills slower, but can be used for more than the Super Meter.
-There are two bars under the health. The first is burst, the second is guard, but each is half the size of the health meter. Burst starts out full, can be taken from one round to the other, but fills slowly. Guard is the same as in Cap, but you have less of it, emphasizing more offense.
-The top 3 buttons are Attack A (Punch), Attack B (Kick), and Attack C (Slash). The bottom button is Drive, individual to each character. Guilty Gear characters will tend to be able to use Drive similar to Heavy Slash.
-Faultless defense is available, but still drains Tension, as well as Roman Cancels.
-Instant Kills for all characters exist, but can be turned on or off in multiplayer. Player must have a full tension gauge and press all 4 buttons simultaneously. Tension, Guard and Burst meters will all break, and your character will glow red. During this time, an instant kill may be performed, but the player only gets one shot. The three meters will not return until the next round.
So lets say you pick Ryu, but you put him in Ark Groove. While his three attacks will remain the same, his focus attack will become sort of an Auto-Haudouken, that can be charged or aimed. He will have his own unique instant kill, and be able to perform faultless defense and Roman Cancels. At the same time, you could pick Sol Badguy, and while his Drive is gone, he will be able to play more defensively (due to longer guard meter), and have his own unique focus attack. I know Im going into a lot of detail on a game that may never exist, and Im sorry if this bores you. I just wanted to get my thoughts out.

this is an original idea i find it highly compelling

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makes sense:coffee:

not to rain on your parade, but putting these two companies against each other would never work. the mechanics on which these games run is just too different.
i would enjoy it if capcom did a vs series within it’s self though and put dante, in it and had him play similar to ragna in blazblue. it could work…

No one in this thread was around long enough to remember when this was about to happen for real.

Wow whatta pipedream

I just want to see a what-if design of chun li in the GG world.

oh wait…

anyway, if this was to happen, it would be more like ArkSys vs Capcom. Cap is not going to do 2d unless udon does it for them. a GG styled sprite of akuma would be sick.

if CAP does it then it would be TvC all over again.

but don’t hold your breath…




pretty much this

It was all like, “Hey guys, Sammy vs Capcom”. Then Sammy was like, “fuck it, and fuck a console port of RF2 while we’re at it! We’re going to get it on with Sega instead” Then Capcom was like, “shrug, I guess we’ll just make another street fighter” then 6 years latter, this thread.

How about SRK vs This Thread.

SRK would have a 3 stock super meter. And This Thread would have K-groove.

Your idea is a failure
just leave…

Noah + Ark Groove= Broken

stopped reading right there

We need a unified, catch all “wish list/pipe dream” thread.

whole lotta feces in this thread

Genius!. . . . .>_>

Got to admit too hoping for it at times, but wishing for [series] vs [capcom] threads don’t seem to go down well here.:sweat:

Nice AV though TC:tup:

so fuckin sloppy with all those options and bars.