Capcom USA the the SF license

Hm, I just posted this at StreetFighterDevotion, but I thought it could be nice to post it here as well considering the larger community…

I just noticed something on the title screen of Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. A very ominous line, at the bottom of the screen, that says :


Sure, I had heard some rumors about Capcom USA now holding the rights to the franchise before, but this pretty much comfirms it. What exactly does this mean? Is it truly the end of the Street Fighter series as we know and love it? Does this mean that if they ever make another game, it’ll go all ghetto and hip-hop like Final Fight Streetwise?

Why did Capcom of Japan do that? Was the SF brand that much popular over here that they felt the US branch should be dealing with it?

Does anybody has any details about it? What about the Udon guys? Or are they even allowed to talk about it?

I was just wondering if there was an official word out there, somewhere.

I guess either Capcom doesn’t know what to do with the franchise or not alot (if any) of money was going into any Street Fighter anymore so the US decided to take it off their hands.

Yeah. Personally I think it was a wise decision on CoJ’ part. The Street Fighter franchise had a nice run but all good things must come to an end. Let it die. Besides all the original guys who worked on the Street Fighter series are gone now so what’s the point?

snk takeover? :frowning:

the copyright dates have to do when the game was released and re-released. since the psp version is the same as the others except some minor features being changed, it is basicly just like how it was when it was first released in the usa. assuming that capcom usa is in charge of the game being released in the usa (lol idk) then they would hold the copyright for it and which is why it would say 1998 and 2006.

im not sure about them holding the rights to the franchise or anything about that… but the copyright just means that they are the ones that designed and developed the game to be sold in the usa. i cant comment on japanese copyright laws or anything like that, but i dont think you can draw any conclusions from it.

and i dont think it has to come to an end, though it does suck that none of the original people are still around, i think that the right people can take it to the next level. there lots of ideas about what the next street fighter should have in it, the people developing the game just need to have their ears open and listen to what players think would be good for the game. although it would be hard for capcom to do as well as it did before, i think that the game can stay alive.

It means the exact same thing as Capcom of Japan holding the license.


If they ever do make a new game…If they don’t get profesional fighter players to beta test, the series is going no where…Not that it’s going anywhere anyway.

i thought top japanese players beta tested CVS2 and they found roll cancelling but didn’t tell capcom and instead used it at the japanese nationals to their advantage

All Capcom releases in the USA have always been handled by Capcom USA, so it makes sense that the release would be attributed to them, presuming it’s the US release. I’ve never actually seen any real evidence that the rights to the SF series as a whole were handed over to them, despite a ton of people claiming it. I don’t even know how that would work. Why would you need to transfer rights between divisions of the same company?

Usually, the copyright is still given to Capcom Co, Even in US releases. This is the first time I see a game from Capcom Japan labelled with a US copyright only. I wonder if it was like this in the Japanese version as well…

Well that is pretty good evidence of this actually happening then, I guess. Still doesn’t make sense to me.

Old-ass news. The japanese Capcom Fighting Jam website way back then already had SF labeled as a Capcom USA property.

Also, Cammy (dressing very ghetto and “hip-hop”) is in Final Fight Streetwise, so it’s pretty obvious they’ll use the SF characters in their shitty american-made games.

Because CoJ practically gave up on the SF license, but not enough to abandon it from the Capcom name completely (therefor, selling it off to CoA). How hard is that to understand?

This is a horrible idea.

Whenever this happens you have a ton of people with clashing concepts on what they think should be in a competitive game, and it’s not fun for new people. So you end up selling a game that only is fun for a select few gamers, and will get no new blood because it’s entirely to complicated and technical. As much as nobody want’s to say it you need noobs/scrubs and fresh players, catering a game to the elite only results in spectacular failure.

Why must everything dealing with Capcom and fighters have to deal with SF? Why can’t the fans demand a new, ORIGINAL fighter for once? This will FORCE Capcom to redesign EVERYTHING, and they will be basically “revived” from their stagnance. Of course, Capcom only cares about their Megaman rehashes and their “better” games (DMC). Also, one question: Why must Capcom always kill, or almost kill, an original series a few years later (Viewtiful Joe seems to be the new version of Megaman, and they won’t stop with the SF rehashing)? This is like a really bad syndrome to them, and unless the pull off AAA material (RE4), their series’ basically die off because of staleness.

PLUS, SF seems to have ended in an okay way IMO. I just believe they should start from scratch and make a brand new fighter. An anime-based fighter would do wonders, considering the rise of popularity of those games, and since the whole “design” of the games are new, we can’t possibly complain about “rehashing”. The only bad thing is, I would have been awake already after that. One can dream, can they?

Not that Capcom, or any other company in their right mind, would do this, but I always thought a high-res, ultra-animated Guyver fighting game would be cool.

She what?! But…No!

That is just terrifying, I seriously have lost faith in capcom right now…man I need sleep.


So you’re saying that you want more DOAs then. Right? Everyones a scrub at some point. Just cause someone sucks at 3s, CvS2, MvC2 etc. at first doesnt mean they wont take the time to seriously learn the game. If being a failure had anything to do with it then why not just give up hope on a new SF 2d fighting game all together? I’m sure the “new blood” isnt gonna turn down a game for being too complicated and technical. People play complex games all the time. I’m not gonna take the time to learn a scrub game. I chose to get into all the fighting games I play for a reason. If the game is basic and simple then I wont bother with it.

its kinda weird when capcom usa decides to take the franchise when 2d fighting (SF) is dead over here but still thriving in japan.

I was referring to the transfer of IP rights within divisions of the same company. It only makes sense if the two divisions are legally separate entities.